Psygnosis was a British developer founded in 1984, born from the ashes of the short-lived Imagine Software. They cut their teeth on the Home computer scene, particularly on the UsefulNotes/{{Amiga}}, and distinguished themselves with their [[TechDemoGame technical proficiency]], [[{{Feelies}} generous extras]] and distinctive cover artwork by Roger Dean (who also provided the company's logo). They also published numerous games developed by minor British companies such as DMA Design Limited (which later became Rockstar North), Raising Hell Software (later Creator/BizarreCreations), Reflections Interactive and Creator/TravellersTales.

They were acquired by [[Creator/SonyComputerEntertainment Sony]] in 1993 to ensure a good software lineup for the UsefulNotes/PlayStation. The studio still retained a degree of independence from Sony, resulting in several ports for the UsefulNotes/SegaSaturn and one edition of [[VideoGame/{{Wipeout}} the anti-gravity racing league]] to the UsefulNotes/{{Nintendo 64}}.

While critical acclaim remained high, several of their later productions were financial disappointment, leading to a full takeover by Sony in 2000. The "Psygnosis" label was phased out and the studio was restructured as SCE Studio Liverpool and focused almost entirely on the ''Wipeout'' and ''Formula One'' series.

On August 22, 2012, Sony, announced that Studio Liverpool would be closing its doors forever.

!! Games and franchises developed and/or published by Psygnosis:

* ''VideoGame/{{Agony|1992}}'' (publisher)
* ''Assault Rigs'' (developer & publisher)
* ''Bratacas'' (Their very first game and a combination of ''Bandersnatch'' and ''Psyclapse'', Imagine's two [[{{Vaporware}} eternally delayed]] projects.)
* ''WesternAnimation/ABugsLife'' (co-developed in tandem with Disney Interactive Studios and Creator/TravellersTales; loosely based off the 1998 movie of the same name; published by Sony Computer Entertainment America) (UsefulNotes/PlayStation version)
* ''Film/BramStokersDracula'' (Sega CD game)
* ''Codename: Tenka'' (developer & publisher) [[index]]
* ''VideoGame/ColonyWars'' series (developer & publisher)
* ''Creepers'' (publisher)
* ''VideoGame/{{Darker}}'' (developer & publisher)
* ''VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}}: The Night Warriors'' (developer of UsefulNotes/PlayStation conversion)
* ''Destruction Derby'' series (publisher)
* ''VideoGame/{{Discworld}}'' (publisher)
* ''VideoGame/DiscworldII'' (publisher)
* ''VideoGame/{{Drakan}}: Order of the Flame'' (publisher)
* ''VideoGame/{{Ecstatica}}'' (developer & publisher)
** ''VideoGame/EcstaticaII'' (developer & publisher)
* ''VideoGame/GPolice'' (developer & publisher)
* ''VideoGame/InnocentUntilCaught'' series (publisher)
* ''VideoGame/TheKillingGameShow'' (publisher)
* ''VideoGame/KingsleysAdventure'' (developer & publisher)
* ''Krazy Ivan'' (developer & publisher)
* ''VideoGame/{{Lemmings}}'' series (publisher)
* ''VideoGame/TheAdventuresOfLomax'' (a spin-off of Lemmings; developer & publisher)
* ''VideoGame/MetalFatigue'' (publisher)
* ''VideoGame/{{Microcosm}}'' (developer & publisher)
* ''[[Franchise/{{Muppets}} Muppet RaceMania]]'' (a Muppet-themed racing game; co-developed in tandem with Jim Henson Interactive and Creator/TravellersTales; published by Midway Home Entertainment)
* ''VideoGame/{{Myst}}'' (publisher, UsefulNotes/PlayStation version)
* ''Nitro'' (developer & publisher)
* ''VideoGame/{{Novastorm}}'' (developer & publisher)
* ''VideoGame/{{Obitus}}'' (publisher)
* ''[[VideoGame/{{ODT}} O.D.T. - Escape... Or Die Trying]]'' (developer & publisher)
* ''VideoGame/{{Puggsy}}'' (publisher)
* ''VideoGame/{{Rollcage}}'' (publisher)
* ''VideoGame/ShadowOfTheBeast'' series (publisher)
* ''Spice World: Your Interactive Music Experience Featuring the Spice Girls'' (a musical-themed video game starring the lovable Spice Girls; developer & publisher)
* ''VideoGame/TeamBuddies'' (developer & publisher)
* ''VideoGame/{{Walker}}'' (publisher)
* ''VideoGame/{{Wipeout}}'' series (developer & publisher)
* ''Wiz 'n' Liz'' (publisher)[[/index]]
!!!! Games developed by SCE Studio Liverpool:
* ''Formula One / F1''
* ''VideoGame/{{Wipeout}} Fusion''
* ''Wipeout Pulse''
* ''Wipeout HD + Fury''
* ''Wipeout 2048''