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[[caption-width-right:315:The undisputed master of DullSurprise.]]

Pia Zadora (born May 4, 1953) is an American actress and singer who came to national attention in 1981, when following her starring role in the highly criticized ''Butterfly'', she won a Golden Globe Award as New Star of the Year, while simultaneously winning the UsefulNotes/GoldenRaspberryAward for Worst Actress, and "Worst New Star" for the very same performance. Not surprisingly, afterwards it was revealed that [[BribingYourWayToVictory her husband essentially provided a vacation for the Golden Globe voters.]]

Zadora's acting career falls mainly into TheEighties, though her career goes back to TheSixties when she appeared in ''Film/SantaClausConquersTheMartians'' at the age of eight. Her fifteen minutes of fame ended after ''Film/TheLonelyLady'' and she has been fully retired since TheNineties. Her last acting appearances were doing a musical performance in ''Film/TheNakedGun 33 1\3: The Final Insult'' and an episode of ''Series/{{Frasier}}'' five years later.

She in total has no less than four Razzies to her name, including worst new star of the decade and a nomination for worst actress of the ''century'', losing the latter "honor" to Music/{{Madonna}}. A long-standing rumor exists that while giving an especially unfavorable performance of ''Theatre/TheDiaryOfAnneFrank'', an audience member shouted "SHE'S IN THE ATTIC!" when the Nazis came on-stage.

She was also a singer and found much more recognition and success in that field. She is now retired from that career as well.
!! Tropes associated with Pia Zadora's work:
* TheEighties: Her acting career and the setting of said films fall mainly into this decade.
* DullSurprise: A common accusation leveled at her. At least her roles in her most (in)famous films had the excuse for this of being suffering women.
* GirlsBehindBars: Her "Rock It Out" video is set in a women's prison.
* HugeGuyTinyGirl: Pia stands five foot tall with an extremely petite build. Though she was never deliberately cast as part of a HugeGuyTinyGirl duo, any leading man she worked with automatically ''became'' this while sharing a screen with her.