Iconic [[UsefulNotes/{{Spain}} Spanish]] director, known for his mastery of blending {{melodrama}}, comedy, and intelligent social commentary. Getting his start in TheSeventies, shortly after the death of Francisco Franco led to a massive opening and blossoming of modern Spanish culture, with film, music, and other arts being given an opportunity to experiment after four decades of repression. There were subcultures flying everywhere--while most had existed even in Franco's time, they were no longer forced to be underground. Almodovar--himself gay, a community that did not have a nice time under Franco's conservative regime--turns to this, and its relationship with what came before, for material.

His style has gotten him attention abroad--one of the first postwar Spanish directors to do so. ''WomenOnTheVergeOfANervousBreakdown'', ''TieMeUp!TieMeDown!'' (Spanish: ¡Átame!) - the film that had Hollywood racing to sign up Creator/{{Antonio Banderas}}, ''AllAboutMyMother'', and ''Film/{{Volver}}'' all have great reputations outside of Spain--possibly [[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff more than inside it]].

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