Creator / Pastel Games

Pastel Games is a web game site showcasing the games of Mateusz Skutnik, Karol Konwerski and their colleagues. The games can be split into two main groups: point and click adventure games and casual platforming games. All the games feature Scenery Porn thanks to the unique artstyle Mateusz utilizes.

Major game series include:

  • Sub Machine - The site's flagship series, these eerie games deal with the mystery of ancient portals strewn across a number of dimensions and the player character's efforts to navigate the network.
  • Covert Front - Set in an Alternate History where World War I takes place about a decade earlier, secret agent Kara must investigate into the disappearance of a scientist involved in a top secret project. This series is now complete.
  • The Fog Fall - A man emerges from his nuclear fallout bunker to find the nuked-out United States to be quite a different place.
  • Daymare Town - A stark-white abandoned town must have its mysteries unraveled.
  • Tortuga - An imprisoned man must escape from an island ruled by pirates.
  • The Great Escape Series - You escape from various rooms. One of the more lighthearted series. Not to be confused with the trope or the movie.

Tropes common in these works include: