Creator / Papyrus Design Group

Papyrus Design Group is a Video Game developing company specialising in auto racing simulations. Its founding date is 1987 and it became defunct circa 2004. They created what is acknowledged as the first fully 3-D racing simulation "Indianapolis 500: The Simulation" in 1989 before creating a series of IndyCar and NASCAR racing sims. It's founder David Kaemmer now runs the online-only racing sim iRacing.

Video games developed by this company:

  • Captain Fizz meets the Blaster-Trons (Amiga, Atari ST)
  • Grand Prix Legends
  • Indianapolis 500: The Simulation (Amiga, PC)
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • Indy 500
  • IndyCar Circuits
  • IndyCar Racing
  • IndyCar Racing II
  • Links: The Challenge of Golf
  • NASCAR Legends
  • NASCAR Racing (Macintosh, PC, PlayStation)
  • NASCAR Racing 2
  • NASCAR Racing 2002 Season
  • NASCAR Racing 2003 Season
  • NASCAR Racing 3
  • NASCAR Racing 4
  • NASCAR Racing Online Series
  • Nomad
  • SODA Off-Road Racing