'''Pannonia Film Studio''' (originally spelled as ''Pannónia Filmstúdió'') is a Hungarian animation film company. Being the only animation company in Hungary until the 1990s, it is notable for producing the majority of Hungarian animated shorts, television series and full-length films, many classic examples of EasternEuropeanAnimation. T

The studio began its work as a division of the Hungarian Film Production Company in the 1950s, becoming independent in 1957. The peak of the studio's work was in the '70s and '80s, when it released the films for which it is most remembered. Their animated short ''Animation/TheFly'' (''A légy'') won the UsefulNotes/AcademyAwardForBestAnimatedShortFilm in 1981. In the 1990s, when numerous [[WesternAnimation western animated shows]] were imported to Hungary, the company couldn't keep up with the competition. Since then, they haven't produced any big hit, and struggle with financial problems. They are also notable for producing most Hungarian dubs, many of which are fan favorites.

!!Animated films produced by Pannonia Film Studio:

* ''Animation/HugoTheHippo'' (1973)
* ''Literature/LudasMatyi'' (1977)
* ''Animation/FoamBath'' (1979)[[note]]released theatrically in 1980[[/note]]
* ''Animation/SonOfTheWhiteHorse'' (1981)
* ''Animation/VukTheLittleFox'' (1981)
* ''Animation/TimeMasters'' (1982)
* ''Animation/{{Hofeher}}'' (1984)
* ''Animation/TreasureOfSwampCastle'' (1985)
* ''Animation/CatCity'' (1986)
* ''[[Animation/AzErdoKapitanya Az erdő kapitánya]]'' (1988)
* ''Animation/WillyTheSparrow'' (1988)
* ''WesternAnimation/FelixTheCatTheMovie'' (1989)
* ''Animation/DragonAndSlipper (Sárkány és Papucs)'' (1990)
* ''WesternAnimation/ThePrincessAndTheGoblin'' (1992)
* ''Animation/TheSeventhBrother'' (1995)
* ''Cat City 2 ''(2007)
* ''Animation/TheTragedyOfMan'' (2011)

!!Animated series
* ''[[Animation/MezgaCsalad A Mézga család különös kalandjai]]'' (1968-69, 1974, 1978)
* ''Animation/KeremAKovetkezot'' (1974)
* ''Animation/VizipokCsodapok'' (1976-1985)
* ''Animation/MagyarNepmesek'' (1977 - 2007)
* ''Animation/MisiMokusKalandjai'' (released as a series in 1980 and as a feature-length film in 1982)
* ''Animation/TheRabbitWithTheCheckeredEars (A kockásfülű nyúl)'', 1978)
* ''A nagy ho-ho-ho-horgász'' (1982 - 1984)
* ''Franchise/{{Pumuckl}}'' (1982 - 1989)
* ''Leó és Fred'' (1984)

!!Associated Tropes:

* CanonDiscontinuity: Unlike the rest of the films (most of which are beloved classics in Hungary), ''WesternAnimation/FelixTheCatTheMovie'' is based on a franchise almost unknown in Hungary, and was never released in its country of origin. It is almost never mentioned by its creators.
* DerangedAnimation: Anything done by Marcell Jankovics, one of the studio's most prominent directors.
* FrothyMugsOfWater: Averted. Almost every film by them includes one or two characters getting drunk.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: Many of their films, such as ''Animation/DragonAndSlipper'', ''Animation/{{Hofeher}}'' and ''Animation/CatCity'', include a lot of adult-oriented humor.
* MindScrew: ''Animation/{{Hofeher}}''. It makes much more sense if you know about communism and the Hungarian regime, but without it, it's hard to figure out the symbolism.