Creator: Olan Rogers

Olan Rogers is a film-maker, photographer, and comedian from Tennessee well known for his work with Balloon Shop and his other channel on youtube. While mainly making comedic shorts, he also dabbles in experimental short films and music videos. He has recently been rising in youtube fame for his miniseries The Last Scene, New Prime, and soon to be Pop Rocket. The Last Scene is an Affectionate Parody of action movie ending cliche`s, while the New Prime is one of Science Fiction. Both are well-known for their sharp-yet-bizzare wit as well as being surprisingly cerebral. He's also a major Cloud Cuckoo Lander and Nice Guy.

Also dabbles in Stand-Up Comedy, having released two spoken word albums in 2010 titled Don't Poke The Bear and Bring The Bacon.

He is not, however, an astronaut, geophysicist, nor a dragon-slayer. Here is his website, his store, The Balloon Shop YouTube channel, his YouTube channel, his Twitter, and his Facebook.

Notable Works

Olan Roger's works provide examples of:

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    Tropes Appearing In Most Of His Works 

    Tropes Appearing In The Last Scene 

    Tropes Appearing In New Prime 

    Tropes Appearing In Pop Rocket 

    Other Tropes