Creator / Nick Shutter
aka: Silent Cicada

Nick Shutter, also known as Silent Cicada, is a music producer, visual artist, animator, and video game designer.

Originally making dance music under the name Ecks Acksis, he switched to the alias Silent Cicada in 2011, where he began to produce Ambient and Harsh Noise. In 2015, he stopped making music under the name Silent Cicada, opting for Nick Shutter instead and relegating the old name to just visual work.

His artwork is generally of a dark nature, prominently featuring elements of Horror and Gorn. However, his visual style greatly varies, often featuring elements of Fantasy and Funny Animals.

He is currently developing a horror Visual Novel titled Jack & Jill, which will be about the eponymous characters from the nursery rhyme becoming lost in the dark forest on their way to fetch water for their sickly Mother Dearest.
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Alternative Title(s): Silent Cicada