Natalie Dormer (born February 11, 1982) is an English actress from Reading, Berkshire. She studied drama at the now-defunct Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and first appeared in ''Film/{{Casanova}}'' with Creator/HeathLedger. Her first major role was as Anne Boleyn in ''Series/TheTudors'', which got her noticed both in Britain and abroad.
!!Film Roles
* ''Film/{{Casanova}}'' as Victoria (2005)
* ''Film/{{WE}}'' as Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (2011)
* ''Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger'' as Private Lorraine (2011)
* ''Film/{{Rush}}'' as Nurse Gemma (2013)
* ''Film/TheCounselor'' as The Blonde (2013)
* ''Film/TheHungerGamesMockingjayPart1'' as Cressida (2014)
!!Television Roles
* ''Series/TheTudors'' as Anne Boleyn (200710)
* ''Series/{{Silk}}'' as Niamh Cranitch (2011)
* ''Series/TheFades'' as Sarah Etches (2011)
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'' as Margaery Tyrell (2012 present)
* ''Series/{{Elementary}}'' as Irene Adler (201314)
* CatSmile: Her famous smirk, due to her asymmetrical mouth.
* DyeingForYourArt: Shaved part of her head for her role in ''Film/TheHungerGamesMockingjay''.
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: Her ''Series/GameOfThrones'' co-star Creator/SophieTurner openly admitted to have a girl crush on her.
* FakeAmerican: As Private Lorraine in ''Captain America'', Irene Adler in ''Elementary'', Cressida in ''Mockingjay'', and the Blonde in ''The Counselor''. [[spoiler:Though Irene's really English.]]
* MsFanservice: A good amount of her roles qualify.
* OneOfUs: She sports a tattoo that reads [[Franchise/{{Dune}} "Fear is the mind-killer"]] on her left wrist. The fact that she's been in ''[[Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger Captain America]]'', ''Series/GameOfThrones'', and ''[[Film/TheHungerGamesMockingjay Mockingjay]]'' doesn't hurt, either.
* StarMakingRole: Her fantastic performance as Anne Boleyn in ''Series/TheTudors'' won unanimous critical acclaim and audience adoration, opening dozens of doors for her. But it was her role on ''Series/GameOfThrones'' that made her a household name.
* {{Typecasting}}: Three of her television roles feature beautiful women that should not be trusted, Anne Boleyn, Irene Adler/[[spoiler:Jamie Moriarty]], and Margaery Tyrell.