[[caption-width-right:200:Natalia Guseva today.]]
Natalia Yevegnievna Guseva (Ната́лья Влади́мировна Гу́сева, born 12 September 1982) is a Russian actress famous for her role as [[Literature/AliceGirlFromTheFuture Alisa Selezneva]] in ''Series/GuestFromTheFuture'', a ScienceFiction miniseries based on the works of Creator/KirBulychev. She had appeared in some small movies, but became an instant star with the release of ''Guest from the Future'', which resulted in "Alisomania." She resigned from acting at the end of the 1980s when producers began offering her roles that in her words "would dirty the bright image of Alisa" and instead studied to become a scientist. She has recently returned to acting with some small roles. She lives in Moscow with her daughter Alesya, and is still involved in the fan community.
* ''Dangerous Trifles'' (1983)
* ''Series/GuestFromTheFuture'' (1984) as Alisa Selezneva. This was her StarMakingRole.
* ''Race of the Century'' (1986)
* ''Film/LilacSphere'' (1987) reprising her role as Alisa Selezneva.
* ''Will of the Universe'' (1988)
* ''Liteiny'' (2009, episode "Face") as a TV presenter.
* ''Alisa's Birthday'' (2009) as a starship captain opposite Yasya Nikolaeva as Alisa Selezneva.
!Tropes about her
* BrainyBrunette
* FriendToAllLivingThings: Hence her studies of entomology and biochemistry.
* GaussianGirl: [[http://www.mielofon.ru/alisoman/album_NG/photo/big/ng72.html See here]].
* GeekyTurnOn: Her husband Dennis Murashkevich is a veterinarian, and once sent Natalia a box of insects from the East.
* HypnoticEyes: [[http://www.videomax.ru/forum/uploads/6209/7_w.jpg Absolutely captivating]].
* SpidersAreScary: Averted. The average young lady would be terrified of a tarantula walking over her. [[http://www.mielofon.ru/alisoman/album_NG/photo/big/ng28.html Natalia Guseva is not an average lady]].