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Creator: NDL Mongoose
NDL Mongoose is a voice actor and impressionist, who's actively famous for his voice talent in certain videos. Among his impressions include Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Tobi from Naruto, Mark Hamill's version of The Joker, Movie Guy Impressions and Morgan Freeman. His videos also include readings from several media including Creepypastas, comics and books. You can also hear Mongoose in several Tats Tops Videos, mostly the top scariest lists.

.NDL has appeared in many scary top countdown lists for Tatstopvideos including the Creepypastas, Horror related content and video game horror countdowns.

.NDL has fan voiced Discord from the show 'My Little Pony Friendshuip Is Magic'' in several Tats videos and across the web.

.Despite his low voice, NDL has been featured in many non horror related top countdowns from Tatstopvideos, including Mysterious Photos Revealed, City Skylines, Extraordinary Human Powers and Abilties, Abandoned Areas and a Podcast.

. Several fans have called themselves the NDL Cult and have even devoted a website dedicated to him called the NDL Shrine.
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