Creator: Moonflux

Moonflux is a film & arts Brazilian website founded by independent filmmaker and photographer Bruno Colli, maintained by himself and his partner, Pietro Milan, also a filmmaker.Founded in 2009 and reinaugurated in 2012, the site has been given recognition since then, mostly because it mixes accesible language to analyse films and bands that Needs More Love. They also had written some reports about prejudices in Brazilian translations and fake urban legends about Disney.

Bruno and Pietro doesn't call themselves "film critics", but "film fans/film makers". That's why Moonflux is an analysis site, not a critic site. So far, their work has been nearly unanimously praised by film fans, especially underground and art films enthusiasts. Despite their deliberately low promotion, it's frequently mentioned in film fans circles as a good source to know good, underrated movies, and one of the best sites to make homages to masters of cinema like François Truffaut and Andrei Tarkovsky. They also write about photography, literature, games and music, but not that often.Also, they're responsible for making (very accurate, some of them better than official sources) subtitles for filmes which have not yet been released in their country.

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