Mondo Media is the leading WesternAnimation channel on the internet. It was founded by John Evershed and produces some of the most successful WebAnimation series, such as ''WebAnimation/HappyTreeFriends'', ''WebAnimation/DickFigures'', ''WebAnimation/BamanPiderman'', ''Kung Fu Karl'', ''Destructo Box'', and ''Video Game Therapist.'' In 2015, they made the jump to television through two shows: ''Like, Share, Die'' on [[Creator/{{Univision}} Fusion]] in the United States and ''Night Sweats'' on Creator/AdultSwim Canada. Before that, ''Happy Tree Friends'' had its own television series that aired in international markets.

''Night Sweats'' began life as a collaboration between Mondo, YouTube, and Canada's [=BiteTV=] and Creator/{{Teletoon}}. First came ''Bite on Mondo'', a program which pitched new ideas for shows. 30 pilots were uploaded to Mondo's YouTube channel, where it fell to Youtubers to decide which shows would be greenlit. The winning pilots were aired on [=BiteTV=] as a 30-min program in August 2014. Later that year it was announced that Teletoon would air a new show featuring the ''Bite on Mondo'' pilots. After a major revamp of parent company Creator/CorusEntertainment's children's channels, the new show would instead air on Teletoon's sibling, Adult Swim Canada, in September 2015.

Mondo's shorts and series can be found on their [[ website]], [[ YouTube channel]], and on [[ Viewster]].

!!Works include
* ''WebAnimation/BamanPiderman''
* ''Webcomic/TheBedfellows''
* ''WebAnimation/DeepSpace69''
* ''WebAnimation/DickFigures''
* ''WebAnimation/DrTran''
* ''WebAnimation/GoodbyeKitty''
* ''WebAnimation/HappyTreeFriends''
* ''WebAnimation/RaisedByZombies''