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Creator: Miyabi Fujieda
Miyabi Fujieda is a mangaka best known for his contributions to the Yuri Genre.

If the four-page oneshot Marble Colour by Fujieda is to be considered canon, most of his works take place in the same Canon Universe, tentatively known as "Fujiedaverse". To elaborate, Marble Colour has Arise, Hinako, Letty, Tsumugi, Eto, and Her Majesty Iono all meet at the Amber Teahouse.

Fujieda's Signature Style is best described as capturing the essence of cute and wrapping the emotional drama in it. Artistically, Fujieda is a master of the bishoujo style and is also very skillful in inserting Super-Deformed scenes at the appropriate moments. What sets him apart from other bishoujo artists, however, is the ability to give every character Hidden Depths. Indeed, his stories are predominantly character driven, and feature little outright conflict: all his characters are basically good-hearted and everything gets resolved peacefully in the end. On a side note, Fujieda is a staunch (and vocal) opponent of Gayngst of any kind, so expect all his characters to be perfectly at peace with their sexuality. The combined effect of these features results in cute, fluffy but maturely optimistic stories, which you can't help but squee your head off over.

In the Amber Teahouse volume 1 extras, Fujieda revealed that one of his driving forces in writing yuri is his Hot-Blooded Yuri Fan editor, "U-san". It is thanks to U-san that we find so much cuteness in Fujieda's works. Thank you, U-san! Also, it was apparently U-san, who ushered Otomeiro Stay Tune into existence.

Among his inspirations, Fujieda names The Five Star Stories, CLAMP, and Yun Kouga (creator of Loveless). The latter two in particular set him on the track of same-sex romance fiction.

Manga by Miyabi Fujieda:

Minari EndouMangakaMiyuki Abe

alternative title(s): Fujieda Miyabi; Miyabi Fujieda
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