Creator / Misha Mayhem

Misha Mayhem is a former contributor to Space Monkey Mafia Studios and RT Gomer Productions. She was also supposed to be on Evolution of Wreslting, a long-since failed wrestling-centric website. Since leaving the Reviewerverse, her two podcasts (SNAR Cast—a geeky catch all and SNARC Sports—a sports-only podcast that focuses on mostly WWE pro wrestling) and her bacon-themed recipe and tries show (Bacon Strippers), are independently produced and hosted, with the help of her friends and co-hosts, Gamer Geeks Todd, Blood Wolf Knight, and Writrzblok. Her writing is now hosted on her own blog, as well as her friend, Tara's, site, The Geek Initiative.

Misha is known, best, in the Reviewerverse, as the controversial chick who has gotten into more trouble than most, because of airing her opinions of people and things that have proved to be shady. She is unapologetic for being honest and brave enough to expose things that needed to be exposed—even when it lost her "friends" and "colleagues."

She is also not a "typical nerd" by her social circles' "standards." She's a comic book n00b, not a gamer, not a big otaku (though, she does enjoy some anime), and not a watcher of toku. She also doesn't watch any reviews, despite oblivious people still trying to get her to, despite all that's happened. Luckily, her social circles have gotten smaller, and all those who only talked about those reviews, have been phased out.

Her areas of interest, focus, and/or "expertise," in the craft, are: WWE pro wrestling, cult following and "geek" TV shows (especially Doctor Who, True Blood, etc), the English language (and its proper use... which sounds silly, but is relevant as hell), writing, reading, useless knowledge and trivia, humor, cosplaying, conventions, bacon-y things, gender issues, equality, etc.

Her favorite movie is Fight Club, and her favorite quote, ever, comes from Jackie Brown: "The AK-47... the very best there is! When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherfucker in the room, accept no substitutes!"

She is an open book, and if people are respectful and non-judgmental, she will answer any questions that people have to ask—about anything, including her unconventional values and "lifestyles."