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Creator: Misha Mayhem
Misha Mayhem is a co-founder and co-host of SNAR Cast, a podcast she hosts with Gamer Geeks Todd and Mega Daffy, on Space Monkey Mafia Studios. On the same site, she co-hosts a bacon-centric recipe and tries show, called Bacon Strippers. Upcoming on Space Monkey Mafia Studios, will be a podcast called Wrestle Roast, where she and her co-hosts will discuss wrestling, specifically. Additionally, she is a writer on RT Gomer Productions, with articles spanning many topics, including feminism, LGBT rights, religion, politics, wrestling, and reviews. She was supposed to be a part of Evolution of Wrestling, but due to creative differences, she left before launch, and moved on to other endeavors.

Misha is known, best, in the Reviewerverse, as the controversial chick who has gotten into more trouble than things have been worse, by airing her opinions, quite vocally. However, she has made amends with most of the people, with whom she's had said trouble. She has moved on, and is simultaneously trying to blend in, a bit, and be like her friends and colleagues, in the Reviwerverse, and trying to make a name for herself (and her co-hosts), being a bit different.

She is not the typical Reviewerverse "nerd," as she is a comic book n00b, not a gamer, not a big otaku (though, she does enjoy some anime), and not a watcher of toku. She also doesn't tend to keep up with "ALL THE REVIEWERVERSE THINGS" and, therefore, tends to be lost, at times, when talking to her Reviewerverse friends. But, it's okay. She gets by.

Her areas of interest, focus, and/or "expertise" in the Reviewerverse, are: wrestling, cult following and "geek" TV shows (especially Doctor Who, True Blood, etc), the English language (and its proper use... which sounds silly, but is relevant as hell), writing, reading, useless knowledge and trivia, humor, cosplaying, conventions, etc.

A lot of the talk that surrounds Misha, is about her extreme convictions and unconventional love life. She is pretty damn Atheist, and still, on occasion, openly mocks religion (mostly Christianity). She feels she has earned it, after being blindly under the thumb of it, for sixteen years. It took her going to the "World's Largest Evangelical University," Liberty University, to break those confines, and also helped her to realize that she was something else that she is scrutinized for—super liberal. (Side note: There are a couple of points that she is "conservative" on, such as gun rights). The most notable thing that people tend to pick up on about her, is that she is poly-amorous, and in relationships, as such. In the past, it's something that she did not like to discuss, but the more it got out, the more that she wanted to set the record straight, about some things, regarding it. Now, she welcomes questions and discussions about it.

Her favorite movie is Fight Club, and her favorite quote, ever, comes from Jackie Brown: "The AK-47... the very best there is! When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherfucker in the room, accept no substitutes!"
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