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Michelle Ruff is a voice actress most famous for being Rukia Kuchiki.

Although she has also gained plenty of recognition as Yuki Nagato, Yoko Littner, Euphemia Li Britannia, Tsukasa Hiiragi, Crimson Viper, Etna, Yukari Takeba, Rita Mordio and Nisa.

In other words, most of her famous roles are secondary main characters (that does not mean they are not awesome though). Ruff has a wide voice range, going from emotionless like Yuki to Hot-Blooded like Yoko to ditzy and happy like Tsukasa. Her characters are mostly badass babes (or just hot babes in general).

She was awarded for "Best Voice Actress in an Anime Dub" at Anime Expo 09 for her role as Rukia.

Has a Twitter account.

Texan counterparts? Luci Christian and Brittney Karbowski. Cristina Valenzuela is shaping up to be her Spiritual Successor (and funnily enough, both she and Cristina are in the Viz Media redub of Sailor Moon).

Japanese counterpart? Miyuki Sawashiro.

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