Michael Ende (1929 - 1995) was a German fantasy writer, best known in the English-speaking world for ''Literature/TheNeverendingStory''.

His other novels include ''Literature/JimButton and Luke the Engine Driver'' and its sequel, ''Jim Button and the Wild 13'', ''Literature/{{Momo}}'', which offers a whimsical answer to the question "Why is it, when I have all these time-saving devices, I still never have any free time?", and ''Literature/TheNightOfWishes'', a wordplayful comic novel.

HeAlsoDid some other stuff, like translating Creator/LewisCarroll's "Literature/TheHuntingOfTheSnark" into German.

When he was alive, many leftist critics criticized him for writing escapist and unpolitical novels. (Which is completely missing the point and utterly inaccurate. Jim Button, for example, contains many, many hidden metaphors for fascism in general and The Third Reich in particular.) [[note]] There was even a volley TakeThat by German indie band Tocotronic, calling one of their songs "Michael Ende, Du Hast Mein Leben Zerstört" - "Michael Ende, You Ruined My Life" [[/note]] This also had a curious effect in that the other side of the spectrum would accuse him of being ''too'' political!

!!Works by Michael Ende with their own trope pages include:
* ''Literature/JimButton'' series
* ''Literature/{{Momo}}''
* ''Literature/TheNeverendingStory''
* ''Literature/TheNightOfWishes''
!!Other works by Michael Ende provide examples of:

* FullCircleRevolution: ''Mirror in the Mirror'' contains a short story[[note]]None of the stories in ''Mirror in the Mirror'' have individual titles.[[/note]] from the point of view of a tyrant who used to be a revolutionary, while being chased through his crumbling palace by the men seeking to overthrow him.
* MeaningfulName: Quite a few across his works.
** Not to mention the RealLife meaningful name of the author. Michael '''Ende''': ''[[Literature/TheNeverendingStory Never]]'' '''''[[Literature/TheNeverendingStory Ending]]''''' ''[[Literature/TheNeverendingStory Story]]''.
* OneMarioLimit - for everybody who speaks German and grew up with his books and/or the Augsburger Puppenkiste version of them, the name "Lukas" will forever be associated with an Engine Driver