Creator: Merrill Heatter

Merrill Heatter produced many Game Shows, most of which were in a partnership with Bob Quigley. After Quigley retired in 1981, Heatter continued making games through an independent company.

A trademark in their productions was "Big" things in their sets. A big board game (Video Village), a big elegant set (The Celebrity Game), a big blackjack table (Gambit), big numbers (High Rollers), a big pinball machine (The Magnificent Marble Machine), a big lie detector (Hot Seat), big triangles (Battlestars), and big squares (The Hollywood Squares), are just some of the examples of this trademark.

"This has been a Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Production":

  • Video Village (1960-62) and its juvenile versions, Video Village Junior (1961-62) and Shenanigans (1964-65)
  • Double Exposure (1961)
  • People Will Talk (1963)
  • The Celebrity Game (1964-65; reran from 1967-68)
  • PDQ (1965-69) and its revival, Baffle (1973-74)
  • Showdown! (1966)
  • The Hollywood Squares (1966-81) and its juvenile version, The Storybook Squares (1969)
  • Temptation (1967-68)
  • Funny You Should Ask!! (1968-69)
  • Lohman & Barkley's Name Droppers (1969-70)
  • The Amateur's Guide to Love (1972)
  • Gambit (1972-76) and its revival, Las Vegas Gambit (1980-81, pilot had a "Living Deck" that The David Letterman Show mocked on its Grand Finale)
  • Runaround (1972-73; pilot taped in 1971)
  • High Rollers (1974-76, 1978-80)
  • The Magnificent Marble Machine (1975-76)
  • Hot Seat (1976)
  • The Confidence Game (October 28, 1976; unsold pilot hosted by Jim McKrell)
  • To Say the Least (1977-78)
  • Bedtime Stories (1979)

Heatter and Quigley also worked with Hanna-Barbera on Wacky Races {1968-70}, which was to originally include a game show element.

"This has been a Merrill Heatter Production":

  • Battlestars (1981-82, 1983)
  • Fantasy (1982-83, with Earl Greenberg Productions and Columbia Pictures Television)
  • All Star Blitz (1985, with Peter Marshall Enterprises; began as a 1984 pilot called Hot Numbers)
  • Lucky Numbers (1985 {two pilots}, High Rollers revival attempt with Alex Trebek, the eventual theme music, and a somewhat different format)
  • Bargain Hunters (1987, with Josephson Communications Inc.)
  • High Rollers (1987-88, with Century Towers Productions; pilot taped in late 1986, with a game not used on the series)
  • The Last Word (1989-90)
  • Hollywood Teasers (1993; unsold attempt to revive All-Star Blitz)
  • Casino (April 16, 2002 {at least three pilots}; unsold Gambit revival)
  • Catch 21 (2008-11, with Scott Sternberg Productions)