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Creator: Maurice LaMarche
aka: Maurice Lamarche

Gee, Mr. LaMarche, what do you want to do tonight?

The same thing we do every night, Paulsen...try to take over the world!

Yup, he is best known for the voice of The Brain in Pinky and the Brain. In creating the voice for Brain, LaMarche says he looked at a picture of the character and immediately thought of Orson Welles, although the character wasn't modeled after Welles. Voicing Brain gave LaMarche the opportunity to make use of his signature impersonation of Welles. Many Pinky and the Brain episodes are nods to Welles' career. LaMarche won an Annie Award for his role as the Brain.

He also has roles in many commercials, including (since 2009) that of the narrator for Lexus TV ads.

Some of Maurice LaMarche's more prominent roles include:

Gee, Mr. LaMarche, what do you want to do tomorrow night?

The same thing we do every night, Paulsen...Try to take over the—

Stingers do not work that way! Good night!

They're funny, they're Paulsen and LaMarche, Marche, Marche, Marche, Marche!
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