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[[http://www.massive.se/ Massive Entertainment]] is a VideoGame development company from UsefulNotes/{{Sweden}}. Its founding date is 1987 and it remains active to the present day. Formerly a wholly independent studio, it has been owned by Ubisoft since the mid-2000s.

!!Video games developed by this company:
* ''VideoGame/GroundControl''
* ''Ground Control (Best Seller Series)''
* ''Ground Control II: Operation Exodus''
* ''VideoGame/{{World in Conflict}} (Collector's Edition)''
* ''World in Conflict: Complete Edition''
* ''World in Conflict: Soviet Assault''
* ''Assassin's Creed Revelations''
* ''[[VideoGame/TheDivision Tom Clancy's The Division]]''
* ''[[VideoGame/FarCry3 Far Cry 3]]''