Margaret Mahy (21 March 1936 23 July 2012) was a prolific and award-winning New Zealand author of YoungAdult and ChildrensLiterature.

Two of her novels, ''Literature/TheHaunting'' and ''Literature/TheChangeover'', have won the UsefulNotes/CarnegieMedal. She has also been awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Award.
!!Works by Margaret Mahy with their own trope pages include:

* ''Literature/TheChangeover''
* ''Literature/TheHaunting''

!!Other works by Margaret Mahy provide examples of:

* AfterTheEnd: ''Maddigan's Fantasia'' is set some time 'after the Great Chaos changed the shape of the world'. The Chaos itself is never described or hinted at, but the entire series is spent trying to ensure that the existing state of things doesn't get any worse.
* AlienAmongUs: ''Aliens in the Family''
* CircusBrat: The protagonist of ''Maddigan's Fantasia'', Garland, is the daughter of the circus' Ringmaster.
* TheConstant: In ''Aliens in the Family'', there's an heirloom necklace that shows up in every time period the protagonist visits.
* DoubleMeaningTitle: The children in ''Aliens in the Family'' are learning to get along with a new step-father and step-sister -- and also sheltering an actual alien.
* EvilIsDeathlyCold: "The Devil and the Corner Grocer" (in ''The Chewing-Gum Rescue and Other Stories'') has the grocer feel a chill whenever the villain walks into the shop. [[spoiler:At the climax, the demon manifests without his disguise, and it's ''freezing'' -- until the grocer calls on the angel who's also been appearing throughout the story, who turns up with a much more convivial temperature.]]
* HellishPupils: The HotWitch in ''Alchemy'' has eyes that initially appear normal, but turn yellow and catlike when examined closely. Somewhat surprisingly, she's a good guy--the antagonist is even creepier.
* HotLibrarian: PlayedForLaughs with Miss Laburnum from ''The Librarian and the Robbers''.
* IJustWriteTheThing: The entire point of "A Villain's Night Out."
* MeaningfulName: Bond, the protagonist of ''Aliens in the Family'', becomes the catalyst that strengthens the bonds between his new friends. It's also, as one of them remarks (to his bemusement, as he's ignorant of Earth pop culture), an appropriate name for a man who is on a dangerous secret mission.
* {{Pirate}}: ''The Great Piratical Rambustification'', ''The Pirates' Mixed-Up Voyage''
* APirate400YearsTooLate: ''The Pirates' Mixed-Up Voyage''
* StrangerInAStrangeSchool: ''The Blood-and-Thunder Adventure on Hurricane Peak''