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MVM Entertainment, a British anime distributor, is the UK licensee for select titles from AnimEigo, Central Park Media, Gonzo, Geneon USA, Media Blasters, NIS America, Nozomi Entertainment, Sentai Filmworks, Urban Vision and Viz Media. They also distributed Funimation titles until 2007, lost the license to Revelation Films for a while, then started getting some Funi titles again when Revelation left the anime business. (However, Funimation's main British distributor is Manga Entertainment.) MVM also releases one British animated series, Aaagh! It's the Mr. Hell Show!, as well as Asian cinema and live action horror films from both Asia and the English-speaking world.

MVM titles licensed from AnimEigo:

MVM titles licensed from Aniplex USA:

MVM titles licensed from Central Park Media:

MVM titles currently licensed from Funimation (excluding Gonzo series and former Geneon USA titles):

Former MVM titles distributed for Funimation:

MVM titles licensed from Geneon USA:

MVM titles licensed from Gonzo:

MVM titles licensed from Media Blasters:

MVM titles licensed from NIS America:

MVM titles licensed from Nozomi Entertainment:

MVM titles licensed from Sentai Filmworks:

MVM titles licensed from Urban Vision:

MVM titles licenses from Viz Media:

Western Animation titles:

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