Creator / L.E. Modesitt Jr.

L. E. Modesitt Jr. is an author of Science fiction and Fantasy novels.

Probably best known for writing series with a long series of books set in the same world separated by time and space.

He has several major series including:

  • The Saga Of Recluce
    A fantasy series containing 16 books spanning 1900 years. Various protagonists take part in the central thematic conflict between Order and Chaos.
  • The Corean Chronicles
    A series spanning 8 books and three primary protagonists, heavy on environmentalist themes.
  • The Spellsong Cycle
    A series spanning five books and two protagonists about a Fantasy world where music an create magical effects.
  • The Ecolitan Institute
    A sci-fi series of four books where a small society focused on eco technology fights a larger society with more tradition sci-fi technology.
  • Imager Portfolio
    A fantasy series currently containing 8 books with two sub-series. A late medieval to Renaissance world in which 'Imagers' can create (or "uncreate") whatever they can imagine, within rather strict limits.

Some tropes common to Modessit’s works are:

  • In Harmony with Nature— Central to both the Recluce series and the Corean series, and touched on other places as well.
  • Magic A Is Magic A — His series with magic all follow fairly rigorous rules for that magic.
  • Sufficiently Analyzed Magic — Played with: protagonists sometimes exist within an already established magical scholarship tradition (Recluce), have to keep reinventing the wheel but do so in an analytic way (Corean Chronicles), or are part of a world that has some low level analysis of magic tradition which they upgrade to the realm of actual science (Spellsong Cycle)
  • Utopia Justifies the Means –Antagonists tend to fall into this, leading to…
  • Genocide Dilemma — Shows up over and over again, with Heroes trying to avoid the Dilemma only to find themselves forced into a more radical act later on.
  • Medieval Stasis — To varying degrees in varying series, especiall the ones where massive spans of time occur (Recluce and Corean Chronicles), although in the latter case it’s more like Renaissance Stasis.
  • Summon Everyman Hero –Suggested in The Saga of Recluce and central to the Spellsong cycle.