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Creator: Kumiko Watanabe
Wahoo! Describe Kumiko Watanabe here, de arimasu!

Kumiko Watanabe, born 1965, is truly a Woman with a Thousand Voices. She can voice young boys one side, then voice Ax-Crazy women on the other. She can voice motherly roles, too. It would appear that if she is voicing a young boy, however, it will be a good boy.

Most notorious as the Gonk Team Mom Midori Imaji in Atashinchi, Sergeant Keroro in Sgt. Frog, the cute platformer character Klonoa, and the Mouthy Kid Shippo in InuYasha.

She's also a pro wrestling fan, so beware.

In addition to voice acting, she has also made a small career providing background art to several shows. Including Blue Exorcist, Persona 4 and Uchuu Kyoudai.

She got married in July 2012 to fellow seiyuu Kouji Tsujitani. Congratulations to both!

Notable roles by Kumiko Watanabe:

Kumiko NishiharaNames to Know in AnimeKyoko Hikami

alternative title(s): Kumiko Watanabe
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