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The Dong Yang logo.

Koko Enterprises is a South Korean company founded in February 19, 1990. Not much is known about them other than TMS Entertainment and SEGA own them (and just in case you don't believe us or The Other Wiki, where the claim is from, look here).

Koko was quite often paired with another South Korean studio called Dong Yang Animation, which originated in 1981. They've done a number of projects together, mainly those by Warner Bros. For simplicity's sake, both studios have been merged into this one article. Strangely, both studios haven't been credited on a show since 2005 (which would suggest that it's closed), despite being two of the busier overseas studios of the '90s and part of the 2000's.

Compare AKOM, Rough Draft Studios, DR Movie, Sunwoo Entertainment, Digital eMation, Saerom, Hanho Heung-Up, Dong Woo Animation and JM Animation, other South Korean studios (and Koko Enterprises' partners for several series).

Has no relation to Koko Productions, which is a Canadian voice casting/recording studio.

Shows worked on by Koko/Dong Yang include:

Tropes Associated with the studio:

  • Adobe Flash: Mucha Lucha.
  • All-CGI Cartoon: The Zula Patrol
  • Animation Bump: Koko provided a well needed one to the Iron Man cartoon and on Patapata Hikousen No Bouken, but has been very inconsistent otherwise. Has been pointed out by the Batman: TAS crew. A number of 101 Dalmatians: The Series episodes as well.
    • Any episode where Spectrum or TMS provided the layouts looks much better than Dong Yang's solo work on Batman: TAS.
  • Animesque: Totally Spies.
  • Off Model: A noticeable example mentioned by B:TAS crew — with the studio's first episode for the series, "Nothing to Fear", in which they ended up changing Scarecrow's posture. Has also occurred in other projects.
  • Production Posse: Koko and Dong Yang were heavily used by Warner Bros. Animation, especially for their superhero cartoons.