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Creator: Kate Beaton
Kate Beaton rose to moderate internet fame after her historical webcomics became subject to Memetic Mutation. Most of these were responses to challenges, which means they cover a diverse array of historical figures. Other comics deal with Canadian history in particular, nonsense subjects (usually drawn in a much simpler, MS Paint style than the other comics), and autobiographical subjects, including conversations with her younger self.

Kate Beaton's comics are updated on her website, Hark! A Vagrant and her LiveJournal. As with most webcomic authors, it is traditional to refer to Kate Beaton by her full name. Characters in her comics usually refer to her as "Katie" or "Beaton".

She also has a tumblr. It's recommended reading—she uses to reblog interesting and esoteric historical things, and frequently posts comics there that don't fit into Hark, A Vagrant, usually about visiting her family (who are equal parts funny and adorable) or small scenes from her life working at museums or one of Canada's oil sand fields.
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alternative title(s): Kate Beaton
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