Creator: Julianne Moore

"Revlon's Token Redhead is a versatile actress, charitable activist, and extinction-level MILF. She has a lot of freckles even for a redhead, probably because every time she steps outside God brings the sun out to get a better look. Her sex scenes have gotten so taboo they're no longer even erotic. I fully expect her next film to feature a bewildered Liam Neeson trying to make love to her as she claps two rocks down on an unsuspecting jar of apricot preserves." on redheads.

Julianne Moore is a red-headed British-American actress, born December 3, 1960. She has received an enormous amount of critical acclaim, including five Academy Award nominations. In 2015 she finally won for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Still Alice. Her films include:

She also had a recurring role (six episodes) as one of Jack Doneghy's love interests on 30 Rock.

Tropes related to this actress:

  • Money, Dear Boy: Her stated reason for doing The Lost World: Jurassic Park, as she was trying to pay off the exorbitant divorce settlement that had been awarded to her ex-husband.
  • Ms. Fanservice: A number of her films involve her doing nudity.
  • Red Headed Heroine: Her heroic roles. Often, fiery ones.
  • She Also Did: She wrote several children's books. Her first book, Freckleface Strawberry was a New York Times Best Seller.
  • Stage Names: Her original name was Julie Anne Smith. Since that name was already taken, she put "Julie" and "Anne" together, and added her father's middle name, "Moore".