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Creator: Josh Grelle
aka: Mina Marie Grelle
Josh Grelle (born November 2, 1985) is an American voice actor and ADR Script writer for ADV Films (now defunct), FUNimation Entertainment, and now Seraphim Digital (the recording studio for Sentai Filmworks). He is best known for his voice role of Kenichi Shirahama in Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple and Koichi Hayase in Linebarrels of Iron. He is also a brony (audio link, within the first minute of the show). His California counterparts are Steve Staley, Yuri Lowenthal, Orion Acaba, and Bryce Papenbrook, and his Canadian counterparts are Samuel Vincent and Kristian Ayre.

Has a Twitter account.

Notable roles:

Tropes Associated With Josh Grelle:

  • Badass Baritone: If he voices an adult character or a more serious-minded type character, expect the character's voice to be this.
  • Determinator/Kid Hero: Some of his best known roles fall into this category. Including Kenichi Shirahama, Akihisa Yoshii, Yuuji Sakai, Kazuya Aoi, and Yukiteru Amano are some of the top examples in the list.
  • Man of a Thousand Voices: His vocal range is very wide despite of his younger sounding voice he uses for his protagonist roles. His voice can break deep whenever he needs to voice an adult character, The Stoic, or a more villainous character. He is also capable of voicing accents such as Lithuania with a stereotypical accent in Axis Powers Hetalia; and is one of the few male voice actors who's voice is androgynous enough to voice anime traps (such as Kuranosuke Koibuchi)
  • One of Us: Across from being a brony (mentioned above), an anime fan, and a video gamer; he's a HUGE fan of Attack on Titan and stated on Twitter that he would love to voice Eren Yeager or some other minor character if given the opportunity to do so. note 
  • Playing Against Type: Akira Amamiyaspoiler , Akira Agarkar Yamadanote , and Tomohiko Kazami spoiler . Not only that, these roles are the roles where he uses a deeper voice for those characters.
  • Pigeonholed Voice Actor: He's pretty much the go to guy for the young protagonist role in any anime series when it comes down to FUNimation and Sentai Filmworks of various types from Butt Monkey/Unlucky Everydude to a harem protagonist, Nice Guy, and Kid Hero alike. Regardless of the character's personality, expect them to be The Determinator via default or Character Development. However, his vocal range is relatively flexible and can play other characters if necessary as seen above.
  • Transgender: Subverted. Between August and December of 2012, he was undergoing the process of changing his gender to female by taking hormones. He even had a new female name, Mina Marie Grelle, ready. Ultimately, he decided to not go through the process, deciding that he's actually happy the way he is now.

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alternative title(s): Mina Marie Grelle
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