->''"I don’t know that I’d go with either “uber” or “extraordinaire”- maybe “hack”. The fancy-pants word I use to describe my lack of depth in any particular field is “bricoleur”. Which I suppose, in a certain sense, is very apt. Everything comes together for me in one way or another- music informed STOMPING in the creation of it, chapter by chapter, and then when I was done I recorded a soundtrack for the preorder supporters. It’s the same way with everything else I do. I’ve done concept albums- my friend and I are working on turning it into a board game- and machinima scoring and backing tracks for my poetry. I don’t there’s any reason not to do all these different things. If you can write a novel that’s saturated in song, or compose a poem in sfumato- then shit, you’ve won. And I don’t describe all these things to brag. I’m very fortunate and humbled by the opportunity to even try- and I’m trying to repay that all the time."''
-->--from an interview with Gulbranson.

Jess Gulbranson is an American author, [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Music/CoeurMachant musician]], and visual artist. Describes himself as a "Renaissance Jerk", and has dabbled as well in poetry and acting. Performs [[CausticCritic critical duties]] at [[http://crappyindiemusic.blogspot.com Crappy Indie Music: The Blog]], where he has interviewed such cool people as Meshell Ndegeocello, Mike Kirkland, [[Music/{{Bauhaus}} David J]], [[Music/KingCrimson Tony Levin]], and visual artist [[NightmareFuel Marshall Arisman]].

[[OneOfUs One of us.]]

He has written/published the following works:
* ''MEL'': Slipstream novel, originally serialized in NWDrizzle.
* ''Literature/AntipaladinBlues'': [[DevelopmentHell Cursed]] [[TropeOverdosed tropetastic]] dungeonpunk novel.
* ''Literature/ABootStompingAHumanFaceForever'': Scifi thriller about music, ghosts, and autism, written for the 3Day Novel competition.