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Even as far back as when I started acting at 14, I know I've never considered failure.

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence, born on 15 August 1990 in Louisville, Kentucky, is an Academy Award winning actress. Her first big role was in the sitcom The Bill Engvall Show on TBS which ran from 2007-2009, where she played the eldest daughter, Lauren. In 2009 she got the lead role in the drama Winter's Bone and received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, later winning for Silver Linings Playbook, the second youngest Best Actress Oscar winner after Marlee Matlin for Children Of A Lesser God. She achieved worldwide fame after being cast as Katniss Everdeen, the heroine in the film adaptation of The Hunger Games, the first of a popular Science Fiction Young Adult book trilogy by Suzanne Collins. In 2013, she appeared in the film American Hustle and received her third Oscar nomination as well as winning her second Golden Globe (having previously won for Silver Linings Playbook) and first BAFTA. At the age of 23, she's the youngest actress to have three Oscar nominations (two for Best Actress and one for Best Supporting Actress).



  • Dyeing for Your Art: Worked out and underwent heavy make-up for Mystique (which gave her a bad rash), and went brunette for Katniss and Tiffany (which fried her hair, so she cut it short after making Catching Fire).
  • Fanservice: Silver Linings Playbook had quite a bit of it, as do her roles as Mystique (where she wears a Spy Catsuit for most of the first one, and mostly bodypaint in the sequel).
  • Old Shame: House at the End of the Street, which she filmed before Winter's Bone and finally got a release to capitalize on her star power from The Hunger Games.
  • One of Us: An interview in Empire magazine describes her as "like half of a bodyswap comedy where a goofy nerd exchanges personalities with the head cheerleader."
    Josh Hutcherson: "When I got cast, she called me up for one of those five-minute 'Excited to work with you, blah, blah, blah' things. The conversation started with her saying, 'Think about a catheter going in ouch!' and then turns into a 45-minute rant about zombies and the apocalypse."
  • Promoted Fangirl: Is a self confessed fan of Dumb and Dumber and claims to be able to recite the entire movie from memory. She will appear in the sequel in a small role.
  • Romance on the Set: With X-Men co-star Nick Hoult, from 2011 to early 2013, and restarted when they started shooting the sequel.
  • Star-Making Role: Winter's Bone got her an Oscar nomination and Silver Linings Playbook an actual Oscar, and X-Men: First Class got her a lot of attention as well, but her role as Katniss Everdeen on The Hunger Games will live on as the role that made her a household name for mainstream audiences.
  • Those Two Actors: About to form a relationship like this with Bradley Cooper. They starred together in Silver Linings Playbook in 2012, in American Hustle in 2013, and in Serena which is set for a 2014 release.
  • What Could Have Been: Auditioned for the role of Bella Swan. Yes, really.

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