Creator / Jean Reno

Need a badass with a deep voice and an authentic French accent? Call for Jean Reno!

Appearing as "that French tough guy" in many films, Juan Moreno y Herrera-Jiménez (born 30 July 1948) was born in Morocco, when it was a Spanish protectorate, and moved to France when he was seventeen. So the fact that his name is Juan (in French, Jean) Moreno (cut the first syllable and you have his artistic name) Herrera-Jimenez can make him a sort of Badass Spaniard. Of course, he can also play other nationalities in a pinch, including a damn good Elvis Presley impersonation. He has been famously paired with fellow French actor Christian Clavier in comedy films since Operation Corned Beef and Les Visiteurs.

Also, he was Doraemon!!! No, seriously. See for yourself.

Partial filmography:

He also provided the French dubbing of: