Jasper Fforde is a British [[ScienceFiction science-fiction]], {{fantasy}}, and [[MysteryFiction detective mystery]] novelist, oftentimes all three at once. He's the mind behind such offbeat series as ''Literature/ThursdayNext'', ''Literature/NurseryCrime'', and ''Literature/ShadesOfGrey'', and famous for his humorous style, both silly and highly intellectual, playing quite liberally with meta-fictional concepts (And for the puns. [[HurricaneOfPuns Tons and tons of puns]]). Fforde is an aviation buff and enjoys flying, and before publishing his first book, ''The Eyre Affair'', in 2001, he worked as a cameraman on such Hollywood productions as ''Film/GoldenEye'', ''Film/{{Quills}}'', and ''Film/{{Entrapment}}''. Recently Fforde has announced his entry into the young adult market with his novel, ''Literature/TheLastDragonslayer''.

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!!The Literature/ThursdayNext Series:

* ''The Eyre Affair''
* ''Lost in a Good Book''
* ''The Well of Lost Plots''
* ''Something Rotten''
* ''First Among Sequels''
* ''One of our Thursdays is Missing''
* ''The Woman Who Died A Lot''

!!The Literature/NurseryCrime Series:

* ''The Big Over Easy''
* ''The Fourth Bear''
* ''The Last Great Tortoise Race'' (not yet released)

!! The Literature/ShadesOfGrey Series:

* ''The Road to High Saffron''
* ''Painting by Numbers'' (not yet released)

!! The Dragonslayer Series:

* ''Literature/TheLastDragonslayer''
* ''The Song Of The Quarkbeast''
* ''The Eye of Zoltan''
* ''Strange and the Wizard'' (not yet released)
!!Commonly Used Tropes

* AlternateHistory: The Thursday Next series is set in an alternate present in which the Crimean War lasted nearly a hundred years. In addition, Wales has broken away from the Commonwealth to form a Socialist government, cheese imports are heavily regulated (and sold illegally), and literature is more popular than sports.
* DeconstructionCrossover
* FantasyKitchenSink
* GenreSavvy: As most of Thursday Next's adventures take place inside the world of fiction, she is able to avoid trouble as she already knows how the stories end. Subverted in that, if she's not careful, she can change the outcome of the story (an important plot point in ''The Eyre Affair''.
* LiteraryAgentHypothesis
* MassiveMultiplayerCrossover: As a member of Jurisfiction (the police force of BookWorld), Thursday fights crime alongside Miss Havisham, the Cheshire Cat, and Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle.
* NurseryRhyme: The Nursery Crime series features DI Jack Spratt and DS Mary Mary, who are regularly involved in crimes involving characters from children's literature.
* SubvertedKidsShow
* ThereAreNoGoodExecutives: All the employees of the Goliath Corporation are evil to one degree or another.
* TheyWalkAmongUs: The main plot in ''Something Rotten'' involves trying to find a fictional character that has managed to escape into the real world.
* UnconventionalFormatting: The tables of contents in each of Fforde's books shows a 13th chapter; however, the actual chapters skip from 12 to 14.
* ZeppelinsFromAnotherWorld