Creator / Janet Kagan

Janet Kagan (1946 - 2008) was an American science fiction writer. Her works include three books — Hellspark, Mirabile, and the Star Trek Expanded Universe novel Uhura's Song — and a large number of short stories. The short stories include the Hugo Award winner "The Nutcracker Coup", and two stories, "Winging It" and "Fighting Words", set in the Isaac's Universe Shared Universe.

As of May 2016, Hellspark, Mirabile, and a collection of her short stories are available as Baen ebooks.

Works by Janet Kagan with their own pages include:

Other works by Janet Kagan contain examples of:

  • Embarrassing First Name: Eben in "Standing in the Spirit". (His mother was a fan of A Christmas Carol, and didn't consider the schoolyard bullying potential.)
  • Traumatic Haircut: In "The Nutcracker Coup"
  • Yet Another Christmas Carol: "Standing in the Spirit" is about a Dickens fan regaining her Christmas spirit with some supernatural intervention. It's a lot more creative than the usual 'you will be visited by three spirits' retread, though.