Creator / Janet Kagan

Janet Kagan (1946 - 2008) was an American science fiction writer. Her works include three books — Hellspark, Mirabile, and the Star Trek Expanded Universe novel Uhura's Song — and a large number of short stories, including the Hugo Award winner "The Nutcracker Coup".

As of May 2016, Hellspark, Mirabile, and a collection of her short stories are available as Baen ebooks.

Works by Janet Kagan with their own pages include:

Other works by Janet Kagan contain examples of:

  • Embarrassing First Name: Eben in "Standing in the Spirit". (His mother was a fan of A Christmas Carol, and didn't consider the schoolyard bullying potential.)
  • Traumatic Haircut: In "The Nutcracker Coup"
  • Yet Another Christmas Carol: "Standing in the Spirit" is about a Dickens fan regaining her Christmas spirit with some supernatural intervention. It's a lot more creative than the usual 'you will be visited by three spirits' retread, though.