Creator: I Am The Gang

Pictured: Morshu and his middle fingers. And no, they're not aimed at you. It's only that this pooper's "Apoopcalypse Now" was the first appearance of this custom sprite.

There are many notable YouTube Poop-ers out there. There's Deepercutt, there's Walrusguy...

...and there are some who lack the fame reached by those two. Of course, Nintendo Brad managed to come close to them in terms of popularity, but there's still another underdog in this field that can't go unmentioned. His username is IAmTheGang.

Easily one of the most creative minds in the YTP field; but unlike Deepercutt, he's not active anymore within the YouTube Poop community, sadly joining the ranks of WalrusGuy and NintendoBrad.

Even more sadly, unlike WalrusGuy, for some reason he doesn't even want his name to be associated with YouTube Poop anymore, logic be damned. It may have to do with the fact he stated to have always disliked the term "Poop", in a strange case of Not Using the YTP Word, but who knows.

What counts is that many YouTube users like IAmThaGangnote  instead decide to Keep Circulating the Tapes anyway, akin to WalrusGuyMEMORIAL (who, unlike IAmThaGang, got greenlighted by the original WalrusGuy himself).

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