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Horndog Studios was a company which produced underground comix, and the Web Video series Comix from the Underground. It was founded by cartoonist Isaac M. Baranoff, creator of Bob the Dog. Originally known as Mystic Studios Productions, the company's name was changed to Horndog Studios in October 2013 after what Baranoff described as a "colossal fuck-up" regarding the site's domain name. It dissolved in 2016.

The company received much notice in 2009, when it began publishing a webcomic based on Bob The Dog. In contrast to that comic's reputation (as stated by its own creator and Horndog Studios itself) as "the most hated comic", Comix from the Underground appears to be the White Sheep of the company's oeuvre, as it has not received nearly as much hate as Bob The Dog.

Despite the company's lack of advertising, it has a dedicated cult following, known as "Horndogs".

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Alternative Title(s): Mystic Studios Productions