Creator: Hideo Kojima

"Games shouldn't only be fun. They should teach or spark an interest in other things."
Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima (August 24, 1963) is best known as the creative mind behind Konami's Metal Gear series. He also directed Snatcher and Policenauts, served as producer of the Zone of the Enders and Boktai series.

Kojima became a video game director because he was not able to enter the movie industry after graduating from university. As a teenager, he wrote multiple "short" stories and sent them to various publications. However, none of them were ever published as his stories oftentimes exceeded 400 pages. His games have a strong cerebral element, often playing with the fourth wall. Expect to see giant robots, discussions about science, history, politics, war, and shameless references to the media - primarily American movies, of which he is a huge fan. His games often glorify, deconstruct, reference, or pastiche Hollywood tropes - and it can be anything from theme naming his cast after movie characters to copying an action sequence motion-for-motion.

He's also hell-bent on giving his games an excruciating level of world detail and interactivity. As a direct result, his games are littered with subtle touches that other developers would barely even think of, some even being so obtuse as to qualify as outright easter eggs, starting with an absolutely gigantic in-game encyclopedia detailing the world of Snatcher, and carrying on throughout the Metal Gear series.

Kojima’s games, mostly in the Metal Gear series, feature a lot of characteristics uncommon in video games. Most of them do not feature levels, but a single location (a facility or a large jungle) where all of the story takes place. The games prior to Metal Gear Solid V also mostly consist of cutscenes and static dialogue with gameplay-sections making up only a very small part of each game.

Kojima’s characters are all highly cultivated and constantly discuss technological, sociological, and philosophical topics in a very detailed manner and their fictional backstories are oftentimes deeply intertwined with real historic events. Yet, certain characters posess supernatural abilities (like being able to float, walk on water, or practically immortal), making Kojima‘s stories fit into the category of Magic Realism.

Kojima also constantly tries to surprise the audience in his works. Each game of his features multiple heavy plot twists and when he makes trailers, he often edits objects and characters out of certain footage and re-arranges dialogue to create a misleading impression. For example, all trailers for 1998's Metal Gear Solid consisted solely of gameplay footage, making it seem like your usual action game and hiding the fact that basically 80% of the game consists of political discussions.

Kojima is also known for never talking about his stories in-depth. He often says that his storylines are anti-war, yet the player-character is regularly sent on a military mission and has to prevent a nuclear catastophe from happening. He also states that he never aims at writing a complex storyline, yet his plots involve great amounts of information he has to look up when writing and constantly contain deep philosophical and social discussions ("What do we pass on to our children?"/ "What is memory?" / "Should I believe in myself?" / "Should weapons-development be abandoned to prevent mankind’s annihilation?" / "How are people shaped by their upbringing and native language?" among MANY other things). Kojima also states that he wants people to think about his stories for themselves, which might be the reason for him making such contradictory statements. He also believes that games are not art.

Kojima is a huge movie fan and watches at least one movie a day. His favorite film of all time is 2001: A Space Odyssey. He is also a huge fan of James Bond, Mad Max and zombie films.

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