[[caption-width-right:267:''[[http://www.reddit.com/r/gifs/comments/20id3z/japanese_child_actress_mana_was_embarrassed_that/ Del-To-Ro, Del-To-Ro...]]'']]

->"''I happen to believe that family is the source of all the joy and all the horror in our lives both. That's my starting point in every tale.''"

Critically acclaimed filmmaker and author from Mexico, widely known for his work on the SpeculativeFiction genre. He is perhaps best recognized by moviegoers as director of the ''Film/{{Hellboy}}'' film series, as well as his best-received film, ''PansLabyrinth''.

Del Toro is notoriously known for turning down high-budgeted SummerBlockbuster movies to work on smaller, independent projects. So far he has rejected offers to direct ''Film/IAmLegend''; ''Film/OneMissedCall''; ''Film/TheLionTheWitchAndTheWardrobe''; ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'', and even ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheHalfBloodPrince''. He did, however, accept an offer to work on the ''Film/TheHobbit'' film series, but ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings''-helmer Creator/PeterJackson wound up taking over the director's spot, with del Toro staying on as a writer.

He is currently developing ''Trollhunters'', which he will produce at Creator/DreamWorksAnimation. He also announced that he will make Dreamworks his animation home and has already worked on a few projects, including ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda2'' and ''WesternAnimation/{{Megamind}}''. The full press release can be read [[http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_display/news/e3id8b4313a40c3bc11cb00b07f74df9f4a here]].

He made his literary debut with co-author Chuck Hogan in 2009, with the release of a vampire novel, ''Literature/TheStrain''. It is the first part of a trilogy of novels. He is also hoping for a final sequel to the Hellboy movies.

His pet project is adapting Creator/HPLovecraft's ''Literature/AtTheMountainsOfMadness'' for the big screen. Despite backing from Creator/JamesCameron and tentative agreement by TomCruise to star, the project was [[ExecutiveMeddling cancelled by Universal]]: partly because they thought it unlikely for a CosmicHorrorStory film to make money at the box office, and partly because del Toro refused to [[{{Bowdlerise}} tone down some of its elements so that it would likely be rated PG-13]] (his proposed script would definitely catch an R). He has also adamantly refused to include a TokenRomance. He made attempts to find financing with 20th Century Fox, but more recently stated that he wished to put the project on hold due to its similarity to Creator/{{Ridley Scott}}'s ''Film/{{Prometheus}}''. The latest news concerning the project seems to indicate that Legendary is open to funding the film and he has compromised on his desire for an R-rating, but he will likely not begin production until after ''Crimson Peak'' and the ''Pacific Rim'' sequel have been released.

Is a frequent collaborator with Creator/RonPerlman and [[ComicBook/{{Hellboy}} Mike Mignola]]. He is also OneOfUs being an avid gamer who cites games like ''VideoGame/HalfLife'' and ''VideoGame/BioShock1'' as being his favorites and he is currently making a game titled ''Insane'', as well as collaborating with Creator/HideoKojima in the development of ''VideoGame/SilentHills''. He also submitted the script for film version of ''Comicbook/JusticeLeagueDark'' with its tentative title, ''Dark Universe'' to Warner Bros. and is waiting for the project to be greenlit though it may not be part for the DCCinematicUniverse yet.

Not remotely related to actor Benicio Del Toro.

* [[AC: As both Writer and Director]]
** ''Film/{{Cronos}}''
** ''Film/{{Mimic}}''
** ''Film/TheDevilsBackbone''
** ''Film/{{Hellboy}}'' and its sequel, ''[[Film/{{Hellboy}} The Golden Army]]''.
** ''Film/PansLabyrinth'' (Agreed by many to be his MagnumOpus)
** ''Film/PacificRim''
** ''Series/TheStrain'' (Directed the feature-length pilot episode and co-wrote the teleplay with novel collaborator Chuck Hogan.)
** ''Film/CrimsonPeak'' (upcoming, slated for a 2015 release and staring Creator/MiaWasikowska, Creator/TomHiddleston, and [[{{Series/Supernatural}} Jim Beaver]]. It will also reunite him with ''Pacific Rim'' stars Burn Gorman and Charlie Hunnam).

* [[AC:As Director only:]]
** ''Film/BladeII''

* [[AC:As Writer only:]]
** ''Film/DontBeAfraidOfTheDark''

[[AC: Other Work:]]
* ''Literature/TheStrain'' (Novel, 2009), and its sequels, ''The Fall'' (2010) and ''Night Eternal'' (2011); all with Chuck Hogan.
* ''Franchise/TheHauntedMansion'' (Upcoming film, [[http://heatvision.hollywoodreporter.com/2010/07/guillermo-del-toro-to-bring-disneys-haunted-mansion-ride-to-the-bigscreen.html with a screenplay by Del Toro]], based on the ride at Disneyland.)
* ''Trollhunters'' (Upcoming youth novel, also to be developed into an animated feature)
* ''Hellboy Animated'' (Producer)
* ''Film/TheHobbit'' (Formerly directing and co-writing, but after several years in DevelopmentHell he stepped down as director, and remains as a co-writer with Creator/PeterJackson (and his usual writing team).
* ''Insane'' (horror video game originally intended to be released in 2013; currently canceled as a result of THQ's bankruptcy, but with the intellectual rights transferring to del Toro).
* ''Film/JuliasEyes'' (producer)
* ''WesternAnimation/PussInBoots'' (executive producer)
* ''WesternAnimation/RiseOfTheGuardians'' (executive producer)
* ''Film/{{Mama}}'' (executive producer)
* ''Film/TheOrphanage'' (executive producer)
* Intro for ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS25E2TreehouseOfHorrorXXIV Treehouse of Horror XXIV]]''
* ''WesternAnimation/TheBookOfLife'' (executive producer)
* ''VideoGame/SilentHills'' (a SilentHill game, collaborating with Creator/HideoKojima)

!!Tropes common to his works include:
* AwesomeMcCoolname: His works tend to have lots of these. Reaches it's height at Pacific Rim, where almost every named character has an impossibly cool name (probably an homage to ''Gundam's'' unusual character names).
** He also counts as this. His name, Guillermo Del Toro means Guillermo ''Of The Bull.''
* AttentionDeficitCreatorDisorder: Del Toro gave up on directing ''Film/TheHobbit'' because he was involved in way too many things, with his schedule filled up until '''2017'''. Among the projects are a new ''Literature/{{Frankenstein}}'', a remake of ''Literature/SlaughterhouseFive'', adaptations of ''Literature/AtTheMountainsOfMadness'', ''[[DisneyThemeParks The Haunted Mansion]]'', and ''Literature/{{Drood}}'', a third ''Film/{{Hellboy}}'', and a ''Film/PacificRim'' sequel movie and prequel cartoon (and that's just the ones he'll direct!). And now, he finished the script for the live-action film of ''Comicbook/JusticeLeagueDark'' and is waiting for Warner Bros. to greenlit it.
* BittersweetEnding
* BreakTheCutie - Many of his films feature children in extreme peril.
* CelebrityResemblance: [[WebVideo/HonestTrailers The Honest Trailer]] for [[Film/PacificRim Pacific Rim]] calls del Toro "the Latino [[Creator/PeterJackson Peter Jackson]]". The pictures shown reinforces their resemblance.
* ClockworkCreature - ''Film/{{Cronos}}'' and the ''Film/{{Hellboy}}'' movies have both featured creatures powered by clockwork. A clock also features prominently in ''Film/PansLabyrinth''.
* CreatorThumbprint - Slime, aspects of ClockPunk (or at least, clocks), things in jars (often PeopleJars), and references to Roman Catholicism. The supernatural is extremely common, and he's also greatly interested in the UsefulNotes/SpanishCivilWar.
* DarkIsNotEvil - Most of his films feature sympathetic monsters and evil humans.
* DoingItForTheArt - Many of his films are passion projects. He's turned down or postponed high-profile films to work on smaller ones that he has a personal connection to. He's also taken significant budget cuts rather than cave to ExecutiveMeddling.
-->People say, you know, "I like your Spanish movies more than I like your English-language movies because they are not as personal", and I go "Fuck, you're wrong!" ''Hellboy'' is as personal to me as ''Pan's Labyrinth''. They're tonally different, and yes, of course you can like one more than the other the other one may seem banal or whatever it is that you don't like. But it really is part of the same movie. You make one movie.
* ExecutiveMeddling - Guillermo often wrestles with this; his first film ''Mimic'' was equated to "having a beautiful daughter and watching her arms get cut off". The studios have fought with him at other points (for example, they wanted ''Film/PansLabyrinth'' to [[SmallReferencePools take place in Nazi Germany instead of Franco's Spain]]) but his additional clout has allowed him to be more successful in staying true to his vision nowadays.
* TheFairFolk - Seen in ''Film/PansLabyrinth'', the ''Film/{{Hellboy}}'' movies and ''Film/DontBeAfraidOfTheDark''.
* FracturedFairyTale
* GenreThrowback: ''Film/CrimsonPeak'' is one for HammerHorror.
* HumansAreBastards - See DarkIsNotEvil; often, it's the humans who are far worse than any monster.
* InfantImmortality: Subverted and played straight.
* KidsAreCruel - A recurring theme in his work. Partially a deliberate subversion of the ChildrenAreInnocent movie cliche, and partially allegedly drawn from his own childhood experiences.
** Although don't let that and the aforementioned BreakTheCutie trope lead you to believe he hates kids: he has a few of his own, and mentioned he plays video games with his daughter. Awww...
* MagicRealism
* OneOfUs:
** He got [=GLaDOS=] herself to be in one of his movies. He's also, unsurprisingly, a fan of ''VideoGame/Left4Dead'' and ''VideoGame/BioShock1''.
** He's also a big {{Gundam}} fanboy. When he visited Japan to promote ''Film/PacificRim'', [[http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2013-08-11/pacific-rim-director-visits-odaiba-life-size-gundam-in-video he was awed upon seeing the 18-meter life-size Gundam statue displayed in Odaiba]]. He even mentioned that he based the Jaeger, Cherno Alpha, from the mobile suit, Zaku.
** And he apparently is a fan of ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica''. [[https://twitter.com/warnerjp/status/367843302671806464/photo/1 No, really.]]
* OurMonstersAreDifferent - His depictions of supernatural creatures often deviate from the norm.
* ProductionPosse - His movies tend to have Creator/RonPerlman, Luke Goss, and/or Doug Jones; ''Film/{{Hellboy}} II'' featured all three of them in notable roles. The cinematography is usually done by Guillermo Navarro and Marco Beltrami scores most of his films. He also collaborates frequently with Mike Mignola and Creator/WayneBarlowe on the visual aspect of his work. And finally, his friend Santiago Segura often has a DeathByCameo in his films.
* SceneryPorn - Most of his films include this in some capacity.
* SignatureStyle - In addition to his CreatorThumbprint, his films often favor a specific and small palette (amber for ''Film/{{Hellboy}}'', blue-green for ''PansLabyrinth'' and yellow/blue for night/day in ''{{Blade}} 2'').
** He also likes a particular type of creepiness; "I have a sort of a fetish for insects, clockwork, monsters, dark places, and unborn things,"
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: It was rumored that he was approached to direct the upcoming Godzilla [[{{Film/Godzilla2014}} remake]] (which is actually being directed by Creator/GarethEdwards), though Guillermo has since debunked those rumors.
** He ''was'' offered the HarryPotter movies (specifically ''[[Literature/HarryPotterAndThePrisonerOfAzkaban Prisoner of Azkaban]]'' and ''[[Literature/HarryPotterAndTheHalfBloodPrince Half-Blood Prince]]'') but turned them down since he felt the movies didn't jibe with his dark vision of the Potterverse. He is a fan of the books however, and was the one who encouraged Creator/AlfonsoCuaron to direct ''[=PoA=]''.