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Greg Costikyan is an American game designer and science fiction writer. His game works spans numerous genres, including hex-based war games, Role-Playing Games, Card Games, and Video Games. He worked on game design for many years, including writing and consulting for Nokia.

Greg has often taken the role of "bitter veteran" in the video game industry, decrying the stifling model of mainstream publishing and being one of the early advocates of the Indie Game scene. In September 2005, he joined with Johnny Wilson, former editor of Computer Gaming World, to create the startup indie game publisher Manifesto Games. As a digital distribution hub it was ahead of its time but it would be eclipsed by institutions such as Steam and the Humble Bundle, and the site eventually went out of business. Manifesto was for a time survived by the blog Play This Thing!, an indie review blog (with regular tabletop features on the side), but this seems to have gone down as well after a time.

He also writes on a variety of topics; his non-fiction writing tends to focus on game design and the role of games in culture, and he has written a few science-fiction novels as well.

Costikyan's works include:

Tabletop Games

Video Games


  • Another Day, Another Dungeon
  • By The Sword
  • First Contract
  • One Quest, Hold the Dragons

Tropes present in Greg Costikyan's works include: