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Genndy Tartakovsky (Геннадий Тартаковский) is a Russian-American animation director, producer, and one of the greatest minds to ever come out of classic Cartoon Network.

Born in 1970 in the USSR to Jewish parents, Tartakovsky moved abroad with his family, afraid of anti-semitism. First they went to Italy, where he picked up art from their German neighbours' daughter. Upon his arrival in The United States, he got his first exposure to American cartoons and developed a deep love of Popeye, Looney Tunes, and Humongous Mecha anime.

Genndy would attend California School of Arts (because he was too late to apply for a business school). There he embraced his future career as an animator and made his first two shorts, one of which eventually became Dexter's Laboratory. While schooling, he formed a strong friendship with Craig McCracken and Rob Renzetti (My Life as a Teenage Robot), which often shows in their cooperation between series.

Following Dexter was Samurai Jack, a hugely ambitious series with a unique, cinematic style, equal parts Star Wars, anime, and Akira Kurosawa. It's widely considered to be his greatest accomplishment, as well as one of the best cartoons ever produced for Cartoon Network.

After four years of Jack, Genndy started putting together his own independent studio, an effort which, in retrospect, was horribly timed, coinciding with both the economic crash in 2008 and the downfall of traditional animation in America. In the end, the studio produced one project, a single season of Sym-Bionic Titan for Cartoon Network.

These days, he has moved on to Sony Pictures Animation, where he directed Hotel Transylvania to both financial and critical acclaim. After directing its sequel, he was pegged to do an All-CGI Cartoon Popeye feature, returning to his roots, but the film has since entered Development Hell, putting his next project, an original story called Can You Imagine?, next in the roster. His latest work will be a new season of Samurai Jack, being produced by Cartoon Network Studios for [adult swim]'s Toonami block with Genndy back in the directing chair.

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