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Creator: Fred Beltran
Fred Beltran is a French Comic Book artist. He has a distinctive style that has developed over the years to include extensive computer-generated work. The backgrounds are usually computer-drawn with a 3D effect, while the characters are hand-drawn and computer-colored. He isn't very prolific yet, but produces truly beautiful art. To date the most significant books he's worked on are The Technopriests and Megalex, both written by Alejandro Jodorowsky and published by Les Humanoids. He also published a hardcover collection called Pinup Girls From Around The World.

Beltran's work contains examples of:

  • Author Appeal: Beltran seems to like large breasts and possibly even breastfeeding.
    • Bald Women: The number of bald women he's drawn may be because of his collaboration with Alejandro Jodorowsky, but he does it well regardless.
  • Naughty Nurse Outfit: He has at least one in his Pinup collection.
  • Scenery Porn: His scenery is very detailed due to his computer-assisted technique.
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