Former child actress, born May 21, 1974, known in those days for ''Film/ReturnToOz'' and ''Literature/TheWorstWitch'', and since becoming an adult for ''Film/AmericanHistoryX'', ''Film/AlmostFamous'', ''Film/TheWaterboy'', and ''Film/TheCraft''.

!!Associated Tropes:

* AllWitchesHaveCats
* DyeHard: Her natural hair color seems to be brown, but is often black.
* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette: Particularly in ''Film/TheCraft''.
* FormerChildStar: One who turned out rather well.
* {{Goth}}: In ''Film/TheCraft''.
* MeanCharacterNiceActor: In ''Film/AmericanHistoryX'' she plays a neo-Nazi.
* OneOfUs: She's done voices for ''VideoGame/{{Everquest}}'' and ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAuto''.
* RealitySubtext: She has played witches in two movies, ''Literature/TheWorstWitch'' and ''Film/TheCraft''. In real life, she is a practicing UsefulNotes/{{Wicca}}n, and even used to own an occult shop. Also, see below.
** She has also appeared in CelebrityGhostStories once or twice, so yeah.
* UsefulNotes/{{Romani}}: Has a triangle tattoo on her shoulder to pay respect to her ancestors, who were targeted by the Nazis.
** Ironically, she played a neo-Nazi in ''Film/AmericanHistoryX''.
* SlasherSmile / PsychoticSmirk: She has this down to an art most notably in Film/TheCraft.