FASA[[note]]originally its name was a [[FunWithAcronyms joking acronym]] for the '''[[Film/DuckSoup F]]'''[[Film/DuckSoup reedonian]] '''A'''eronautics and '''S'''pace '''A'''dministration[[/note]] is a publisher of {{Tabletop RPG}}s and wargames. The original FASA Corporation was founded in 1980 by Jordan Weisman and L. Ross Babcock. FASA at first produced supplements for GDW's ''TabletopGame/{{Traveller}}'', but went on to develop many role-playing games based on both licenses and original franchises. The company's products included rulebooks, novels, miniature figures, virtual reality games and computer games.

The computer game subsidiary, FASA Interactive, was sold to Microsoft in 1999. FASA Interactive became part of Creator/MicrosoftStudios until closing down in 2007.

FASA Corporation suddenly ceased operations in 2001, but continued to exist as a holding company. Some of their franchises were sold to [=WizKids=], a new company founded by Jordan Weisman, which licensed them to other companies. FASA relaunched operations in 2012 under a new company, FASA Games, Inc.
!!Games include:
* ''TabletopGame/BattleTech''
* ''Behind Enemy Lines''
* ''TabletopGame/CrimsonSkies''[[/index]]
* ''[[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor Who Role Playing Game]]''[[index]]
* ''TabletopGame/{{Earthdawn}}''
* ''Legionnaire''
* [[/index]]''[[Franchise/MastersOfTheUniverse The Masters of the Universe Role Playing Game]]''[[index]]
* ''[[Videogame/StarSiege MetalTech]]'' (co-developed with Creator/{{Dynamix}})
* ''Renegade Legion''
* ''TabletopGame/{{Shadowrun}}''[[/index]]
* ''[[Franchise/StarTrek Star Trek: The Role Playing Game]]''[[index]]
* ''VOR: The Maelstrom''