Emily Jordan Osment (born March 10, 1992) is an American actress and singer-songwriter. She is best known as Lilly Truscott on the Creator/DisneyChannel KidCom ''Series/HannahMontana''. She is also the younger sister of actor Creator/HaleyJoelOsment.

Emily expanded her repertoire into [[IdolSinger pop music]] and more recently [[DarkerAndEdgier alternative/indie rock]] where she has recorded teen pop hits like "I Don't Think About It", "If I Didn't Have You" alongside her Series/HannahMontana co-star Mitchel Musso, and "Once Upon a Dream". Her debut album, ''Fight or Flight'', was released on October 5, 2010 via Wind-up Records.

!!Selected Filmography

* ''Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams'' (2002) -- Gerti Giggles
* ''Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over'' (2003) -- Gerti Giggles
* ''Disney/LiloAndStitch2StitchHasAGlitch'' (2005) -- Additional voices
* ''Series/HannahMontana'' (TV Series) (2006-2011) -- Lilly Truscott
* ''[[Film/TheHauntingHour The Haunting Hour Volume One: Don't Think About It]]'' (2007) -- Cassie Keller
* ''Soccer Mom'' (2008) -- Becca
* ''Dadnapped'' (2009) -- Melissa Morris
* ''Series/HannahMontana: TheMovie'' (2009) -- Lilly Truscott
* ''WesternAnimation/KickButtowski: Suburban Daredevil'' (2010) -- Kendall Perkins
* ''Film/{{Cyberbully|2011}}'' (2011) -- Taylor Hillridge
* ''Kiss Me'' (2013) -- Shelby
* ''Cleaners'' (2013-14) -- Roxie
* ''Seasick Sailor'' (Short Film) (2013) -- Beck
* ''Series/YoungAndHungry'' (2014) -- Gabi Diamond
* ''A Daughter's Nightmare'' (2014) -- Ariel
* ''No Way Jose'' (2014) -- Summer
* ''Love Is All You Need'' (2014) -- Karen
* ''WesternAnimation/RainbowBrite'' (2014) -- Rainbow Brite

* ''All The Right Wrongs'' [EP] (2009)
* ''Fight or Flight'' (2010)

!!Tropes she exhibits

* {{Adorkable}}: As Lilly Truscott.
* AlphaBitch: The antagonist in "I Hate The Homecoming Queen".
* [[UsefulNotes/{{California}} California]]: At least for a Creator/DisneyChannel alumnus, she holds the distinct difference of being a native Californian still residing in the state, she is very proud and open of the fact, and many of her social media accounts betray this, from her slang to her humor to her documented travels and activities.
* DeadpanSnarker: Can be this way, along with SelfDeprecation, especially on Website/{{Twitter}} at times, with a unique brand of dry humor. Also fulfills the Snarker role on Series/HannahMontana.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: Listen to the early, innocuous teen pop of "I Don't Think About It" or "Hero In Me" and compare it with the likes of "Marisol", "Drift" or her ''Fight Or Flight'' album.
* FollowYourHeart: ''Marisol''.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: ''Lovesick''...just...''Lovesick''. Listen close to the lyrics...
** "Let's Be Friends" ("...so we can make out"), too, though it plays as tongue-in-cheek.
* GirlishPigtails / HelicopterHair: As [[Film/SpyKids Gerti Giggles]].
* GratuitousPanning: ''Double Talk''.
** The ambient electric piano in "Drift" pans from speaker to speaker.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With fellow Young and Hungry star Mallory Jansen.
* IdenticalStranger: Much humor has been made by her fans, and herself, on social media of her resemblance to Music/CarrieUnderwood (who was born exactly nine years earlier).
* LineOfSightName: "Marisol", named after a street sign Emily read while on a walk.
* {{Meganekko}}: She isn't known for wearing glasses, but at least in [[http://instagram.com/p/OuxJexnuLu/ this photo]], she definitely can count as this.
* NewSoundAlbum: Her EP ''All The Right Wrongs'' has a pop-rock sound, while ''Fight Or Flight'' has a synth-pop/dubstep/electronica feel.
** Her Website/{{Twitter}} postings seem to hint that her new music might take on a more folksy/acoustic bent, possibly with [[https://twitter.com/#!/EmilyOsment/status/177185010992939008 fiddle parts]]. WordOfGod mentions "less techno, more authentic", and she's posed the question of whether she might make an album "showing her Southern roots" (her parents hailed from Alabama).
*** She has taken the folk style to her new college-based band, Ramshackle, performing and producing Website/YouTube videos with a spartan vocals/acoustic guitar/fiddle/percussion lineup.
* PersonalRaincloud: The music video for "You Are The Only One" shows her singing the song to the camera at some kind of indoor party or get-together; as the song is about a roller-coaster relationship, it occasionally rains over Emily's head as a symbol of the relationship's difficult moments, as she is singing under an umbrella.
* [[PrecisionFStrike Precision D-Strike]]: "I Hate The Homecoming Queen" and "Found Out About You" from ''All The Right Wrongs'' feature the word "damn".
* SelfDeprecation: Her Website/{{Twitter}} posts often have a self-deprecating sense of humor about her 5'3'' height, "hipster" IndieRock musical influences and fascinations with [[PandaingToTheAudience pandas]] and [[CanadaEh Canada]], where she often tours.
* ShesGotLegs: [[http://dcfansgallery.com/image/episode/emily-osment-performing-at-busch-gardens/picture/11/ Very]] [[http://cdn01.cdn.justjaredjr.com/wp-content/uploads/headlines/2009/07/emily-osment-album-date.jpg much]] [[http://www.disneydreaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Emily-Osment-1.jpg so]].
* ShoutOut: In "1-800 Clap Your Hands":
-->It's gonna take more than your [[Music/TheWhiteStripes seven-nation army]]
-->I'll fight 'cause I know I'm right
** "Get Yer Yah-Yahs Out" is a slightly differently spelled reference to the [[Music/TheRollingStones Rolling Stones]] 1970 live album.
* WordSaladLyrics: Many of the songs on her ''Fight Or Flight'' album have cryptic, poetic lyrics. "Drift" is another good example.