Short for E! Entertainment Television, E! is a channel dedicated to news and gossip about the entertainment industry.

Notable for its ''E! True Hollywood Story'' documentary series, which is essentially the general entertainment version of Creator/VH1's ''Behind The Music''.
!! Other notable original programming from E!:
* ''The Chelsea Handler Show'' and ''Chelsea Lately'', and ''Series/AfterLately'', which all feature InsultComic Chelsea Handler.
* ''Dr. 90210''.
* ''The Girls Next Door'' (aka ''[[MarketBasedTitle Girls Of The Playboy Mansion]]'') and its spinoffs ''Kendra'' and ''Holly's World''[[note]]Bridget is the only one of the series' three stars who never got her own show[[/note]]. Both co-produced with [[Creator/TwentiethCenturyFox Fox Television Studios]].
* ''Keeping Up With The Kardashians'' and its spinoffs ''Kourtney And Khloé Take Miami'' (renamed ''Kourtney And Kim Take Miami''), ''Kourtney And Kim Take New York'', ''Khloé And Lamar'' and ''Kourtney & Khloé Take The Hamptons''.
* ''Love You, Mean It With Whitney Cummings''. Produced with Borderline Amazing Productions (Chelsea Handler's company).
* ''Talk Soup'' and its {{retool}} ''Series/TheSoup''.
* ''Series/TotalDivas''
* ''The Dance Scene''
* ''The Royals'' - E!'s first scripted series. Produced by [[Creator/LionsGate Lionsgate Television]] and [[Creator/{{Universal}} Universal Cable Productions]] (E! is owned by [=NBCUniversal=] Cable).