The brainchild of media moguls Creator/StevenSpielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen (hence the SKG at the end of the studio's name), founded in 1994.

Located on the [[Creator/{{Universal}} Universal Studios]] lots that had previously housed the offices of Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, [=DreamWorks=] came into being as a result of Katzenberg's firing from Creator/{{Disney}} after a ten-year run as the president of their studio. He approached Spielberg and Geffen about the possibility of setting up a studio in Hollywood where the three of them could create entertainment independently from the larger studios. At its founding, [=DreamWorks=] became the first major independent Hollywood studio (and the first major studio founded by creators, not executives) since the birth of Creator/UnitedArtists in [[UsefulNotes/TheSilentAgeOfHollywood 1919]].

At its peak in the late 1990s/early 2000s, it arguably qualified as a seventh major film studio (having out-grossed Creator/{{Paramount}}). In 1999, 2000 and 2001, [=DreamWorks=] won three consecutive Academy Awards for Best Picture for ''Film/AmericanBeauty'', ''Film/{{Gladiator}}'' and ''Film/ABeautifulMind'' (the latter two with Creator/{{Universal}}). [=DreamWorks=] has produced or distributed more than ten films with box-office grosses totaling more than $100 million each.

However by 2005 the studio was about $400 million in debt, so the founders agreed to a deal to sell [=DreamWorks=] to Viacom subsidiary Paramount for $1.6 billion (sans Katzenberg's Creator/DreamWorksAnimation, which had been spun off into its own company in 2004). The sale was completed in February 2006, and in March of that same year Viacom sold the rights to [=DreamWorks=]' pre-2006 film library to Soros Strategic Partners for $900 million (only to purchase it back in 2010 for $400 million).

The Paramount-[=DreamWorks=] merger wasn't a successful one and after only two years [=DreamWorks=] announced its intention to end its partnership with Viacom, and was sold to newly-formed holding company DW II Management in September 2008. That same month India's Reliance ADA Group signed a $1.5 billion deal to purchase a 50% stake in the studio, and Spielberg entered into negotiations with Creator/{{Universal}} (who had distributed [=DreamWorks=]' films prior to the Viacom deal) to produce their films. These negotiations fell through and in February 2009 the studio signed a deal with Creator/{{Disney}} (through Creator/TouchstonePictures) to handle domestic distribution (TwentiethCenturyFox is handling overseas distribution), in a roundabout way bringing [=DreamWorks=] full-circle. However [=DreamWorks=] has said that they're dissatisfied with the Disney deal and that they will not renew the contract when it expires in 2016.

[=DreamWorks=] operates a television distribution and production division called [=DreamWorks=] Television. Originally known for sitcoms like ''Series/SpinCity'' and ''Arsenio'', it shifted its focus to drama at the TurnOfTheMillennium with series like ''Series/FreaksAndGeeks'' and ''Series/RescueMe'', along with miniseries such as ''Series/BandOfBrothers''. In TheNewTens the division has almost exclusively focused its attention on cable programming, with series like ''Series/UnitedStatesOfTara'', ''Series/FallingSkies'' and ''Series/TheAmericans''. [=DreamWorks=] Television also collaborated with [=DreamWorks=] Animation prior to the division's 2004 spin-off, with series such as ''WesternAnimation/{{Toonsylvania}}'' and ''WesternAnimation/FatherOfThePride''.

Between 1996 and 2005, [=DreamWorks=] owned a record label called, naturally, [=DreamWorks=] Records. The roster included Music/GeorgeMichael, Music/PapaRoach, Music/JimmyEatWorld, Music/{{Eels}}, Music/HenryRollins, Music/ElliottSmith, Music/{{Powerman 5000}}, Music/RufusWainwright, Music/RandyNewman, and Creator/JimmyFallon, plus a CountryMusic arm whose main hitmakers were Music/TobyKeith, Music/RandyTravis, and Darryl Worley. Except for their country artists, they were all later acquired by [[Creator/GeffenRecords Geffen's old label]] [[{{Irony}} that he stepped down from]]. The label's logo was designed by Creator/RoyLichtenstein (it was his last commission).

The company also had a video game division in its early years, [=DreamWorks Interactive=], which was sold to ElectronicArts in 1999 not long before the release of its most successful game, ''VideoGame/MedalOfHonor'', where it is currently named DICE Los Angeles.

Its VanityPlate (with accompanying music by Music/JohnWilliams) features a young boy sitting on a crescent moon while fishing. WordOfGod states it was made by some employees of Creator/IndustrialLightAndMagic. Also popularized the marketing term known as "DreamWorksFace".

See also Creator/DreamWorksAnimation, a separate entity (since 2004) that was founded by the same people, which is well known for giving Disney and Creator/{{Pixar}} a run for their money where animated films are concerned.

* Creator/DreamWorksAnimation (for animated films)
* Creator/DreamWorksInteractive (for video games)

!!Index of [=DreamWorks=] films with Wiki/TVTropes pages:

* ''Film/AIArtificialIntelligence'' (with Creator/WarnerBros and Creator/AmblinEntertainment)
* ''Film/AlmostFamous'' (with Creator/ColumbiaPictures)
* ''Film/AmericanBeauty''
* ''Film/{{Amistad}}'' (with {{Creator/HBO}} Films)
* ''Film/AnchormanTheLegendOfRonBurgundy''
* ''Film/ABeautifulMind'' (with Creator/{{Universal}})
* ''Film/BladesOfGlory'' (with {{MTV}} Films)
* ''Film/BridgeOfSpies'' (With Creatpr/TouchstonePictures and Creator/TwentiethCenturyFox)
* ''Film/CastAway'' (with Creator/TwentiethCenturyFox)
* ''Film/TheCatInTheHat'' (with Creator/{{Universal}})
* ''Film/CatchMeIfYouCan'' (with Creator/AmblinEntertainment)
* ''Film/{{Collateral}}'' (with Creator/{{Paramount}})
* ''Film/CowboysAndAliens'' (with Creator/{{Universal}}, Creator/{{Paramount}} and Creator/RelativityMedia)
* ''Film/CurseOfTheJadeScorpion''
* ''Film/DeepImpact'' (with Creator/{{Paramount}})
* ''Film/DinnerForSchmucks'' (with Creator/{{Paramount}})
* ''Film/{{Disturbia}}''
* ''Film/{{Dreamgirls}}'' (with Creator/{{Paramount}})
* ''Film/EagleEye''
* ''Film/{{Envy}}'' (with Creator/ColumbiaPictures)
* ''Film/EuroTrip''
* ''Film/{{Evolution}}'' (with Creator/ColumbiaPictures)
* ''Film/FlagsOfOurFathers'' (with Creator/WarnerBros and Creator/AmblinEntertainment)
** ''Film/LettersFromIwoJima'' (with Creator/WarnerBros, Creator/{{Paramount}} and Creator/AmblinEntertainment)
* ''Film/FrightNight2011'' (with Creator/TouchstonePictures)
* ''Film/GalaxyQuest''
* ''Film/GhostTown''
* ''Film/{{Gladiator}}'' (with Creator/{{Universal}})
* ''Film/TheHaunting1999''
* ''Film/HeadOfState''
* ''Film/TheHeartbreakKid2007''
* ''Film/TheHelp'' (with Creator/TouchstonePictures)
* ''Film/HotelForDogs'' (with Creator/{{Nickelodeon}})
* ''Film/HouseOfSandAndFog''
* ''Film/IAmNumberFour'' (with Creator/TouchstonePictures)
* ''Film/ILoveYouMan''
* ''Film/TheIsland'' (with Creator/WarnerBros)
* ''Film/JustLikeHeaven''
* ''Film/TheKiteRunner'' (distributed by Creator/{{Paramount}} Classics)
* ''Film/TheLastCastle''
* ''Film/TheLegendOfBaggerVance''
* ''Film/{{Lincoln}}'' (with Creator/TouchstonePictures, Creator/TwentiethCenturyFox and Creator/AmblinEntertainment)
* ''Literature/TheLovelyBones''
* ''Film/MatchPoint'' (with [[Creator/TheBBC BBC Films]])
* ''Film/MeetTheParents'' (with Creator/{{Universal}})
** ''Film/MeetTheFockers'' (with Creator/{{Universal}})
** ''Film/LittleFockers'' (with Creator/{{Universal}})
* ''Film/MemoirsOfAGeisha'' (with Creator/ColumbiaPictures and Creator/AmblinEntertainment)
* ''Film/TheMexican''
* ''Film/MinorityReport'' (with Creator/TwentiethCenturyFox and Creator/AmblinEntertainment)
* ''Film/MouseHunt''
* ''Film/{{Munich}}'' (with Creator/{{Universal}} and Creator/AmblinEntertainment)
* ''Film/NeedForSpeed'' (with Creator/TouchstonePictures)
* ''Film/{{Norbit}}''
* ''Film/ParanormalActivity'' (with Creator/{{Paramount}})
* ''Film/{{Paulie}}''
* ''Film/{{Paycheck}}'' (with Creator/{{Paramount}})
* ''Film/ThePeacemaker''
* ''Film/RealSteel'' (with Creator/TouchstonePictures)
* ''Film/RedEye''
* ''Film/RevolutionaryRoad'' (with [[Creator/TheBBC BBC Films]] and Creator/{{Paramount}} Vantage)
* ''Film/TheRing''
* ''Film/RoadToPerdition'' (with Creator/TwentiethCenturyFox)
* ''Film/RoadTrip''
* ''Film/TheRuins''
* ''Film/SavingPrivateRyan'' (with Creator/{{Paramount}} and Creator/AmblinEntertainment)
* ''Film/{{Seabiscuit}}'' (with Creator/{{Universal}})
* ''Film/ASeriesOfUnfortunateEvents'' (with Creator/{{Paramount}} and Creator/{{Nickelodeon}})
* ''Film/ShesOutOfMyLeague'' (with Creator/{{Paramount}})
* ''Film/ShesTheMan''
* ''Film/SmallSoldiers'' (with Creator/{{Universal}} and Creator/AmblinEntertainment)
* ''Film/SmallTimeCrooks''
* ''Film/TheSoloist'' (with Creator/{{Universal}})
* ''Film/TheStepfordWives'' (2004) (with Creator/{{Paramount}})
* ''Film/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet'' (with Creator/WarnerBros)
* ''Film/TheTerminal'' (with Creator/AmblinEntertainment)
* ''Film/TheTimeMachine2002''
* ''Film/{{Transformers}}'' (with Creator/{{Paramount}} and Creator/{{Hasbro}})
** ''Film/TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen'' (with Creator/{{Paramount}} and Creator/{{Hasbro}})
* ''Film/TropicThunder''
* ''Film/TheTuxedo''
* ''Film/TheUninvited2009''
* ''Literature/WarHorse'' (with Creator/TouchstonePictures and Creator/AmblinEntertainment)
* ''Film/WarOfTheWorlds'' (2005) (with Creator/{{Paramount}} and Creator/AmblinEntertainment)
* ''Film/WhatLiesBeneath'' (with Creator/TwentiethCenturyFox)

!!Index of [=DreamWorks=] TV series with Wiki/TVTropes pages:

* ''Series/BandOfBrothers'' (with {{Creator/HBO}})
* ''Series/{{Boomtown}}'' (with [[{{NBC}} NBC Studios]])
* ''Series/FallingSkies'' (with Creator/{{TNT}})
* ''Series/FreaksAndGeeks''
* ''Series/IntoTheWest''
* ''Series/TheJob'' (with [[Creator/TouchstonePictures Touchstone Television]])
* ''Series/LasVegas'' (with [[{{NBC}} NBC Studios]]/[[Creator/{{Universal}} Universal Television]])
* ''Series/OffCentre'' (with [[Creator/WarnerBros Warner Bros. Television]])
* ''Series/OliverBeene'' (with [[Creator/TwentiethCenturyFox Twentieth Century Fox Television]])
* ''Series/TheOthers'' (with [[{{NBC}} NBC Studios]])
* ''ThePacific''
* ''Series/RescueMe'' (with [[Creator/{{Sony}} Sony Pictures Television]])
* ''Series/{{Smash}}'' (with [[{{NBC}} NBC Studios]]/[[Creator/{{Universal}} Universal Television]])
* ''Series/SpinCity''
* ''Series/{{Taken}}''
* ''Series/{{Undeclared}}''
* ''UnitedStatesOfTara''

!!Index of [=DreamWorks=] Records artists with Wiki/TVTropes pages:

* Music/{{Eels}}
* Creator/JimmyFallon
* Music/TheIsleyBrothers
* Music/JimmyEatWorld
* Music/TobyKeith
* Music/GeorgeMichael
* Music/RandyNewman
* Music/PapaRoach
* Music/{{Powerman 5000}}
* Music/RiseAgainst
* Creator/ChrisRock
* Music/HenryRollins
* Music/ElliottSmith
* Music/RandyTravis
* Music/RufusWainwright