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Douglas Richard "Doug" [=TenNapel=] (born July 10, 1966) is a writer and cartoonist best known for creating ''VideoGame/EarthwormJim'', although his work definitely isn't limited to video games. The man has been involved in a wide variety of mediums.

A Doug [=TenNapel=] title is very easy to spot due to his love both of monsters and of utterly insane character designs.

[=TenNapel=] is a devout Christian, creationist, and Biblical literalist who often includes religious themes in his works. Sometimes it's subtle (such as ''Monster Zoo''), while sometimes it's more overt (''Black Cherry'' or ''Iron West'', for example).

!!His works include:

'''Video Games'''
* ''VideoGame/EarthwormJim''
* ''VideoGame/TheNeverhood'' (and its sequel, ''VideoGame/{{Skullmonkeys}}'')
* ''[=BoomBots=]''
* ''VideoGame/{{Armikrog}}''

* ''ComicBook/{{Gear}}''
* ''ComicBook/CreatureTech''
* ''Tommysaurus Rex''
* ''ComicBook/SolomonFix''
* ''ComicBook/EarthboyJacobus''
* ''Flink''
* ''ComicBook/IronWest''
* ''ComicBook/BlackCherry''
* ''ComicBook/MonsterZoo''
* ''Power Up''
* ''ComicBook/{{Ghostopolis}}''
* ''ComicBook/BadIsland''
* ''ComicBook/{{Cardboard}}''
* ''Nnewts: Escape from the Lizzarks''
** ''Nnewts: The Rise of Herk''

'''Live Action Film'''
* ''Mothman'' (abandoned)
* ''Patient Seven'' (co-producer of the segment ''The Visitant'')

'''Live Action Television'''
* ''Push, Nevada'' (as Consulting Producer)

'''Web Comics'''
* ''Webcomic/{{Ratfist}}''
* ''Bigfoot for Hire'' (cancelled)
* ''Nnewts''

'''Web Original'''
* ''Film/{{Sockbaby}}''
* ''GoSukashi''
* ''TheDangerElement''
* ''Briefs''[[/index]] [[spoiler: ([[RealTrailerFakeMovie sort of]])]][[index]]

'''Western Animation'''
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Catscratch}}'' (loosely adapted from ''Gear'')
* ''WesternAnimation/EarthwormJim'' (based off of the game series)
* ''WesternAnimation/ProjectGeeker'' (along with [[WesternAnimation/TheWeekenders Doug]] [[WesternAnimation/DaveTheBarbarian Langdale]])
* ''Kog-Head and Meatus'' (short film)
* ''Ape Escape'' (shorts based off of the Playstation game series)
* ''WesternAnimation/RandomCartoons'' (Two shorts: ''Solomon Fix'' and ''Squirly Town'')
* ''WesternAnimation/VeggieTalesInTheHouse''

* Doug was a member of the short-lived, mostly-a capella band Truck.
* He's contributed artwork to albums by Music/DanielAmos and Music/FiveIronFrenzy.

!!Tropes common in Doug [=TenNapel=]'s works include:

* AntiHero: If his protagonists aren't kids or incredibly naïve, chances are they'll be morally ambiguous.
%%* CloudCuckooLander
* CreatorThumbprint:
** Besides the monsters, he frequently works in at least one scene with a cat.
** The final page in a lot of his comics is done as a silhouette.
** "Ripoff!" is frequently shouted in his works.
** References to Literature/TheBible are pretty common.
** Potshots at the Theory of Evolution are liable to appear too, as he doesn't believe on it.
%%* IdiotHero
%%* KidHero
%%* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters
%%* NinjaPirateZombieRobot
%%* NoodlePeople
%%* OurMonstersAreDifferent
%%* OurMonstersAreWeird
* RenaissanceMan: As you can see from the list above, Doug has dabbled in almost every entertainment medium out there at some point. [[OldShame Except live-action film, but he'd rather not talk about that.]]
* UnfazedEveryman: A good deal of his characters adjust to the otherworldly madness [=TenNapel=] puts them through fairly quickly.
* WidgetSeries: Every one of his stories.