Creator: Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

Born Teron Delvon Jones in Oakland, California, Del is the cousin of West Coast rapper Ice Cube. Del, also known as Sir Dzl or Del Tha Ghost Rapper, is an underground MC who has seen relative success throughout his career. He has made guest appearances on popular alternative bands such as Gorillaz, and has released nine studio albums, most to some critical acclaim.

Del began his career proper as a lyricist for his cousins group, Da Lench Mob, his raw humor contrasting Ice Cube's rough, gritty appearance. Del eventually signed on to Elektra Records, which allowed him to launch his career.

With the help of his cousin Ice Cube and his group, Del released his first album, I Wish My Brother George Was Here, at the tender young age of eighteen in 1991. He later released his second album, No Need For Alarm, without the help of his cousin in 1993. Unfortunately, his initial attempts were failures, and thus ensued a five - year hiatus to plan his next move.

In 1998, Del severed himself from Elektra to publish under Hieroglyphics Imperium, through which he has been releasing ever since.