Creator / Deco 27

A prominent Vocaloid composer. His name is usually stylized with an asterisk (DECO*27), and is pronounced "Deco Niina".

He was born in the year 1986, and his major influences include bands such as Bump of Chicken and Blink 182. DECO*27 plays a lefty Gibson Les Paul Jr Double Cutaway and often provides backing vocals to his Vocaloid songs; he is known for writing powerful, philosophical love songs that all reference and cross-reference each other. He currently owns Miku and Gumi, and while many of his Miku songs were big hits in Japan, he has shot to overseas fame with his Gumi rock ballad Yowamushi Montblanc. Whenever he produces a new song, it is likely to spend an ungodly amount of time on Nico Nico Douga's weekly ranking (Mozaik Role has spent five months up there and is still going strong).

Many of DECO*27's recent works have been produced with music videos created by amateur animator akka; the two started working together after she created an unofficial PV for his song Nisoku Hokou (Two Breaths Per Step). After seeing its quality, DECO*27 commissioned her to make the PV for Yowamushi Montblanc, and the rest is history. The two often work with illustrator mirto, and the three sometimes call themselves the "Amatou Trio".

DECO*27 has announced that he wants to try shifting from an indies, Vocaloid sound to a full band sound, and his upcoming album Aimai Elegy will feature a number of songs either performed or covered by marina (who was the musical half of Angel Beats!' own Iwasawa Asami, original lead singer of Fake Band Girls Dead Monster). This is a progression from his previous albums, which often include popular utata covers of his singles.

He loves to make pun-based titles by substituting similar-sounding kanji to create different meanings.

DECO*27's mini-albums:

Soi (Melody of Love ~Soi)

An album featuring mainly Miku songs, along with a few utata covers. Released in May 2009.
  1. ing
  2. Haruichi.
  3. Mittsuba no Clover
  4. Souaisei Riron
  5. Ai + k = aki (feat. 40mP)
  6. N←oitpac
  7. Renkyori Enai (retake)
  8. Kurukuru Oniku
  9. Boku mitai na Kimi, Kimi mitai na Boku
  10. 6ui (feat. Topi)

No You, No Me

Another mainly-Miku album, this one featuring a self-cover by DECO*27. Released in September 2009.
  1. Kakose
  2. Kyou Umareru Kimi, Ashita Umareru Boku
  3. Nisoku Hokou
  4. Aikotoba note 
  5. "bye-bye" by my Ai
  6. Autoscopy
  7. Kakurenbo -hide-and-seek- note 
  8. No You, No Me
  9. Miraise
  10. Aikotoba -DECO*27 ver.-

Love Gazer

A Miku album featuring both many new songs and many remixed versions of Nico Nico Douga-broadcast ones. Released in December of 2009.
  1. 5/29 -Kimi no Oto-
  2. Re:[repaint]
  3. Love Gazer
  4. Kimi Ijou, Boku Miman. (album ver)
  5. Nan Desho?
  6. Dummy Dummy
  7. Kisou Honnou
  8. Ai think so, (album ver)
  9. Tsumi to Batsu (album ver)
  10. 5/29 -Boku no Oto-
  11. Ai think so, (Topi ver.)
  12. Kimi Ijou, Boku Miman. (DECO*27 ver.) (album ver)
  13. Eager Love -Koi wa Sen, Fubuku mix- (album ver)

Palovrell World

DECO*27's first Gumi album. Features songs which cross-reference each other like mad. Also the first album that doesn't feature any guest covers. Released in July 2010.
  1. Lovrel
  2. Linoleum
  3. Mozaik Role
  4. Dare datte "Dare dakke"
  5. Yowamushi Montblanc
  6. Boku no Namae wa
  7. Lovrell


An acoustic album featuring the man himself on vocals. Only has one original song, all the others being self-covers.
  1. Line
  2. Nisoku Hokou
  3. Rainborder
  4. Sunadokei
  5. Yowamushi Montblanc
  6. Mukashi Mukashi no Kyou no Boku
  7. Aikotoba

DECO*27's full albums:

Souaisei Riron (Theory of Relativity)

His major debut album, mainly featuring Miku. Many of the included songs also appear on one or the other of the mini-albums. This is the first of his albums to feature guest composer remixes, and the first to have a DVD of the music videos produced; it includes a version of akka's Nisoku Hokou PV with the Neon Genesis Evangelion Shout-Out removed (probably for copyright reasons). The title is a pun on Einstein's theory, and refers to human relations.
  1. Souaisei Riron
  2. Haruichi.
  3. Ai + K = aKi
  4. Shin-E Summit
  5. Aikotoba
  6. Renyou Sheet
  7. Boku mitai na Kimi, Kimi mitai na Boku
  8. Kimi Ijou, Boku Miman.
  9. Suki yo Suki yo Suki no Uchi
  10. Tsumi to Batsu
  11. "bye-bye" by my Ai
  12. Ai think so,
  13. Nisoku Hokou
  14. Hitoribocchi de Futarikiri
  15. Ai think so, feat. Topi
  16. Haruichi. (kous remix)
  17. Aikotoba (sasakure.UK remix)
  18. Souaisei Riron (Treow remix)

    Music Video DVD 
  1. Souaisei Riron
  2. Nisoku Hokou
  3. Ai think so, feat. Topi
  4. No You, No Me

Aimai Elegy (Lovelost Elegy)

DECO*27's second major album, which features an even balance of Vocaloid songs and those sung by humans. Features professional vocalist marina's covers of his hit Gumi singles. Released December of 2010.
  1. entree
  2. Mozaik Role feat. marina
  3. Chocolat Beats feat. Hatsune Miku
  4. Tori no Ai Uta feat. Gumi
  5. Aimai Elegy feat. marina note 
  6. Amemoyou feat. Gumi note 
  7. Miraise feat. Topi
  8. Berry Blue (DECO*27 vocal mix)
  9. Yowamushi Montblanc feat. marina
  10. outree
  11. Aikotoba (sasakure.UK sweets remix) feat. mirto
  12. Yowamushi Montblanc (ELECTROCUTICA White remix) feat. Gumi
  13. Mozaik Role (kous DR remix) feat. Hatsune Miku
  14. Mukashi Mukashi no Kyou no Boku feat. Hatsune Miku

    Music Video DVD 
  1. Yowamushi Montblanc feat. Gumi
  2. Mozaik Role feat. Gumi
  3. Tori no Ai Uta feat. Gumi
  4. Aimai Elegy feat. marina

Love Calendar

DECO*27's third major album, the first one to feature all human vocalists. A Concept Album based on the idea of a couple's whole relationship. Was preceded with two major single releases, Light Lag and Egomama/Renkyorienai. Getting a manga adaptation, the first chapter of which can be read on Nico Nico Douga.
  1. 1 + 1 = 1 feat. Topi
  2. RT feat. Topi
  3. Amayadori feat. Nakagawa Shouko
  4. Egomama feat. marina
  5. Light Lag feat. Topi
  6. 27 (DECO*27 vocal mix)
  7. Sunadokei feat. Topi
  8. Orusubannin feat. marina note 
  9. Renkyorienai feat. Topi
  10. Kisou Honnou feat. Aoi Yuuki
  11. Futariza feat. Topi
  12. Koegoe feat. Topi
  13. Aikotoba feat. Topi (piano parallel mix)
  14. Bonus Track