Creator: David Warner

Who is David Warner (July 29, 1941-)? David Warner has been Hamlet, David Warner has been the Doctor, David Warner has been in movies... but if you grew up in the 90s, you'll probably recognise his voice as that of at least one Wicked Cultured-sounding cartoon supervillain (with the possible exception of Dr. Vic Frankenstein from Toonsylvania, as he was more of a sissy anti-hero and his being "wicked cultured" was either not brought up or played for laughs). His voice is so distinctive that we could easily rename the Evil Brit in his honour.

He famously pulled triple-duty in TRON as Edward Dillinger, his program counterpart Sark and Big Bad MCP. His performance as Sark heavily influenced Corey Burton's Shockwave voice (so three guesses who got to voice Sark in Kingdom Hearts II). His other roles include...

Other films he appeared in include A Thousand Kisses Deep, Cast a Deadly Spell, Back to the Secret Garden, The Little Unicorn, My Best Friend is a Vampire and The Last Leprechaun, among many others.

No relation to the Australian Cricketer of the same name.