David Alan Mamet (born November 30, 1947) is a renowned American author, playwright, essayist, screenwriter and film director. He was born in Chicago in 1947 and attended Goddard College in Vermont. He is currently married to actress Rebecca Pidgeon, who has appeared in many of his plays and films.

Mamet is most famous for his plays, and the film versions thereof, which are frequently adapted by Mamet himself. These works are known best for [[MametSpeak clever, vulgar, and rapid-fire worldplay]]. His plays also tend to be written for smaller casts: ''Theatre/AmericanBuffalo'', ''Theatre/SpeedThePlow'', and ''Boston Marriage'', three of his best-known plays are all three-person plays. He has published more than thirty plays over his forty-year career.

Beyond adapting (and often directing) the film versions of his own plays, Mamet has also written and directed original works for the screen, including ''Film/{{Ronin}}'' (writer), ''Film/{{Spartan}}'' (director), and ''Redbelt'' ([[BreadEggsBreadedEggs writer and director]]). He also wrote the adapted screenplay to Brian De Palma's ''The Untouchables''. He is now in talks to direct another adaptation of ''Theatre/TheDiaryOfAnneFrank'' for 2010.

In addition to all of this, he has also written a number of books about the film and theatre industries, which are famous in their own right, some the most famous being ''Bambi Vs. Godzilla'', ''Three Uses of the Knife'', and ''On Directing Film''. He even wrote a book on politics, ''The Secret Knowledge''. Mamet has also published four novels, most recently ''Chicago'' in 2018.

In 1984, Mamet received the Pulitzer Prize for his most well-known play ''Theatre/GlengarryGlenRoss''. He received Tony Award nominations for ''Glengarry Glen Ross'' and ''Speed-the-Plow'', and Oscar nominations for his screenplays to ''Film/TheVerdict'' and ''Film/WagTheDog''.

His play ''Race'', opened on Broadway December 2009, currently stars Creator/DennisHaysbert and Creator/EddieIzzard, and directed by Mamet himself.

The TropeMaker, naturally, of MametSpeak.

Works include:

* ''Theatre/AmericanBuffalo''
* ''The Anarchist''
* ''Bobby Gould in Hell''
* ''Theatre/BostonMarriage''
* ''China Doll''
* ''The Cryptogram''
* ''The Duck Variations''
* ''Theatre/{{Edmond}}''
* ''The Frog Prince''
* ''Theatre/GlengarryGlenRoss''
* ''Lakeboat''
* ''A Life in the Theatre''
* ''Theatre/{{November}}''
* ''The Old Neighborhood''
* ''Oleanna''
* ''The Poet and the Rent''
* ''Romance''
* ''Reunion''
* ''Sexual Perversity in Chicago''
* ''The Shawl''
* ''Theatre/SpeedThePlow''
* ''The Squirrels''
* ''Theatre/TheVoyseyInheritance'' (adaptation)
* ''The Water Engine''
* ''The Woods''

* ''Film/TheEdge'' (writer)
* ''Film/{{Edmond}}'' (writer)
* ''Film/GlengarryGlenRoss'' (screenplay)
* ''Film/{{Hannibal}}'' (co-writer)
* ''Heist'' (writer/director)
* ''Film/HouseOfGames'' (directorial debut/co-writer with Jonathan Katz)
* ''Film/ThePostmanAlwaysRingsTwice1981'' (writer)
* ''Film/ThingsChange'' (director/co-writer with Creator/ShelSilverstein)
* ''Film/{{Redbelt}}'' (writer/director)
* ''Film/{{Ronin}}'' (script doctor)
* ''Film/TheSpanishPrisoner'' (director)
* ''Film/{{Spartan}}'' (director)
* ''Film/StateAndMain''
* ''Film/TheVerdict'' (screenplay)
* ''Film/WagTheDog'' (screenplay)
* ''Film/TheWinslowBoy'' (adapted screenplay/director)

* ''Series/TheUnit'' (co-created with Shawn Ryan)
* ''Phil Spector'' (made-for-HBO movie starring Creator/AlPacino as the notorious record producer, and focusing on his murder trial)
!!Works by David Mamet that don't have their own pages include examples of:

* HumansAreBastards: In ''GlengarryGlennRoss'' the most 'good' of the bunch is a JerkWithAHeartOfGold at best. Everyone else is pretty much a bastard.
* RapidFireInterrupting: ''Oleanna'', where Carol barely gets to finish a sentence in Act I.
* SlidingScaleOfIdealismVsCynicism: More cynical, particularly in ''GlengarryGlenRoss''
* TragicHero: John in ''Oleanna''. A university lecturer about to get his tenure, with a loving wife and a payment on a house going through, decides to help a female student falling behind in his class. He makes a few off-the-cuff, inappropriate comments to the female student (he says "I'm not your father" in response to her wanting to be told want to do, he relates an anecdote about the rich copulating with less clothes on to the student), only to be told by the student in the next act that she's having him done for sexual harassment because of his comments.
* UnspokenPlanGuarantee: ''Heist'' is basically this trope extruded out for 90 minutes. Thankfully, all the double-crosses and surprises make sense at the very end.